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Fliptroniks Iphone 6s / 6 Thin Fit Matrix Series Case

If your sick of the cheap plastic crap thats mostly sold on amazon we totally get you. Our iphone 6s / 6 bumper case is the perfect thin case to use in 2017. This is a custom designed case that has a smooth matte finish, and nicely textured back for easy gripping. Its also a very stylish and fashionable accessory that comes apart in 2 pieces. It has an outer removable bumper that adds some extra protection. The actual case itself is made of a durable tpu that is firm and not at all flimsy. The custom design is really where this case shines, but there also some other nice benefits we will get into below.

As we mentioned this case is really nice for gripping especially if you take a lot of photos on your iphone. It also feels very nice to hold in the palm of your hand. This will make for a great everyday case since it can fit into your pocket perfectly, purse, or bag. You will not have to worry about any bulky issues when using this case which is another nice plus.

As far as protection this iphone 6s / 6 thin case will do just that. Even though its thin and light weight it also covers the sides of your iphone nicely, and will provide some front facing protection with a nicely raised bezel. This will allow you to lay your phone down with the front facing flat if you choose so.

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