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Forma.8 Go Iphone / IOS App Review

The Forma.8 Go iphone / ios app could honestly be one of the weirdest games I have ever played. It has a very cool opening scene where you end up crashing onto an alien planet away from your companions. You then have to figure out how to get off this planet, and back to where you belong. This is a some what open world adventure type of game that looks breathtaking. The one thing you will notice after playing this game for just a couple of minutes is how great it looks. Controls are also spot on in this so you should have no problems flying around.

The Forma.8 Go iphone / ios app is packed with lots of action as well. Throughout the game your main character will begin to evolve, and learn new attacks which will help you defeat bigger alien creatures. This game is very out there, but in a good original sense. Its hard to fit this game into a specific genre, but I will say its definitely open world based. The story line to it is pretty good as well and is enough to keep you intrigued to keep playing throughout the game. The Forma.8 Go iphone / ios app is currently going as a paid game. After having a chance to play this one for over 20 minutes I can tell you its absolutely worth it. You can see some of the live game play on it above, and also don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube here if you haven’t already.

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