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Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5 – Fliptroniks.com


The galaxy note series phones have always been bigger and faster than all other samsung smartphones. The galaxy note 4 is no exception as it has a faster processor than the galaxy s5 and also a better resolution on the display. As far as overall design however the galaxy s5 out does the note 4. The galaxy s5 is easier to hold and the backing of the galaxy s5 feels much nicer than the galaxy note 4 cheap feeling plastic. Not really sure why samsung didn’t use the same backing as the note 3 however we can still live with it. As far as the camera and battery life both phones are about equal except for the note 4 having a better front facing camera. Both phones also have there own unique features, and some similar features as well. However the galaxy note 4 is just a more powerful phone than the galaxy s5 and is our clear winner in this versus.

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