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Galaxy S6 Photo Editor Review – Fliptroniks.com

The galaxy s6 has one of the best cameras of any phone, but not much is said about the photo editor. Editing photos on the galaxy s6 is pretty easy. Once you take an image there is an edit option on the bottom right. Once you click edit there will be a few different options such as crop, brightness, and effect. Cropping an image to the size you like is very simple and easy. Changing the settings on the brightness is a bit more advanced meaning you can actually change the tempo and temperature of an image which feels a bit more like photoshop.

Galaxy S6 Photo Editor Review - Fliptroniks.com

One of the coolest features of the galaxy s6 photo editor is the effect options. The effect options are very similar to instagrams, but not quite as good. Its getting pretty close however. There are lots of different effects you can use to change how an image looks such as blue wash, sketch, cartoon, and more. All of these effects will do there own cool thing to your image to make it stand out more. Whenever your done editing an image click save on the top right and it will go to your gallery. The photo editor on the galaxy s6 is very good, and samsung has come along way with just how much better it keeps getting on each new device they release.

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