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Game Of Thrones Slots App Review

Zynga definitely nailed it with the Game Of Thrones Slots App. If you loved the tv series I have no doubt you will enjoy this game. Its just too bad it wasn’t released over a year or two ago right when we were in the thick of things with the show. Even so this a very fun slot game you absolutely have to check out. As we get into benefits to playing it you can also see our video review directly below.

Who doesn’t love a good slot game? I can tell you that I’m barely a slot player, but when it comes to the Game Of Thrones Slots App I was instantly addicted. From the moment the game loads up you are brought into the world of Westeros. In total there are 10 different areas to unlock as you play through the game. You will need to level up in order to unlock the area.

You will also be able to add different player cards as you progress through the game. Add Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and the rest of your favorite Game of Thrones characters to your collection. You will also hear quotes from each character that will remind you of the TV Series. It works cohesively as you play through each quest such as Battle Of The BlackWater.

The Game Of Thrones Slots App also allows you to play with friends. You can connect via Facebook to show friends high scores and collect more coins for doing so. This is a pretty cool feature you should absolutely take advantage of to level up faster.

Being a fan of the TV Series I can tell you the Game Of Thrones Slots App is a must download. Zynga is known for making great mobile games, and they did not let down with this one. If you enjoy casino games you can check out some other awesome slot games here.

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