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Gamevice Flex for Iphone Review

by edward

There’s been a visible surge in mobile gaming controllers ever since Nintendo decided to shake things up a little with its super neat Joy-Con. Now, companies left, right, and center are hopping aboard the mobile-handheld-controller bandwagon to offer gamers a portable and easy way to play. The goal is to resemble a console-like experience; fast, efficient, and all-in for competitive gaming. A feat the Gamevice Flex achieves quite smoothly.

Reasons To Use Gamevice Flex

The Gamevice Flex is a relatively newer competitor to handheld gaming. Meaning it’s been designed to overcome the shortcomings of those that came before it. First things first, the Flex gives utmost priority to accessibility; It’s the only mobile vessel that won’t require you to take your phone out of its case before popping it in, no matter the thickness.

Furthermore, the included adapter kit is generous enough to offer a wide range of phone and case adapters so your mobile device can fit snugly & securely between the Flex. Console-level physical button controls along with analog sticks ensure that you get the full feel of a professional gaming device. Plus, latency is kept at a bare minimum when considering audio, due to the trusty 3.5mm audio jack, and video, thanks to a lightning connector port (or USB-C, if you’re rocking an Android) situated at the right side of the phone compartment.


Being the latest iteration of its line, the Gamevice Flex offers a much more comfortable grip than its predecessor. The overhauled frame offers support for both iOS and Android devices while the total body weighs in at just 0.4 lbs. Dimension-wise, the Flex sits at 5.6 x 4.0 x 1.3 in and carries the same split design as the original; with a plastic body on the outside and a rubber-based bridge that grips onto the phone.

Apart from the analog and button controls, the Flex adds flair to its design by including a dedicated Gamevice logo button along with a couple of others peppered on the left and right side for accessibility. A USB-C passthrough charging port ushers in a world of ease as it allows players to charge their mobile device while using the controller. Something competitive gamers will come to appreciate.

Build & Feel

Despite the use of flimsy materials such as plastic and elastic, the controller has a solid overall construction. The body feels strong, has a good finish, and has a shine of gloss on its sides. To add to this, using recyclable material helps add extra longevity to the device because it won’t overheat or pick up extra scrapes when put in a backpack.

Button quality has received a minimal but welcome change as well. There’s less clickiness but more travel between them. You won’t accidentally be tapping the wrong one when absorbed in gameplay, and muscle memory will help provide a more defined path as to where each button is located.

Color Options

Unfortunately, the Gamevice Flex doesn’t have color options other than the standard black edition. But where it lacks in color, it makes up for it in functionality. It seems Gamevice pumped all its juice into creating something that stood out in terms of what was being demanded of it; a no-nonsense gaming experience that came close to, or at par, with a console-level experience.

Gamevice Flex Software

Of course, having built-in software is key when it comes to using a handheld controller for a mobile phone. In this case, the Gamevice Live stands ready to provide a platform for managing your games and finding new ones when your phone is strapped in. However, according to a few reviews  found on the internet, Gamevice’s app can sometimes prove to be a headache rather than a blessing.

Updates for Gamevice Live take their merry time to arrive promptly and therefore, newer titles may not have the smoothest experience running on it. All that is taken care of though since you can run games manually, without the need for the app. Since each game can start up on its own without demanding Live to set it up first, this minor inconvenience may not be such a dealbreaker.

New Features

You better grab onto your seat because Gamevice went the extra mile in this department. The company focused on portability by putting together a seamless design that might look chunky but it actually is smaller and smoother from the get-go. Instead of increasing the “wing span” on either end, Gamevice had the Flex’s lower ends curl downwards and the middle back dip inwards, just a little, for enhanced ergonomics.

Analog sticks situated on the face have small ridges around their perimeter to allow for precise movements and the improved D-pad makes fighters a pleasure to play. The top of the Flex houses both bumpers and triggers that differentiate amongst themselves according to height. In that, bumpers are a smidge taller than triggers so players can figure out which is which without having to bat an eye.

Although there is no drastic change to the overall design, having quality-of-life updates such as an ergonomic design, better button placement, revamped triggers, a 3.5mm audio jack, and the included adapter kit have arguably pushed the Flex to the front of the line. Gamevice used some big brain to include the audio jack because, with its inclusion, gamers can now charge their device and plug in their headset at the same time. Smart!


The Gamevice Flex goes for a regular retail price of $99.95 for the Android version and that number gets bumped up to $109.95 for the iPhone variant. Customers can expect to find this device on either Gamevice’s own website or head to sites like Amazon or BestBuy if that’s where they get their tech purchasing from.

The Flex does tend to go up on sale from time to time with its price slashed down a couple of bucks. You may get lucky and find a decent decrease if it’s the holiday season so make sure to check its listings around that time.

Tech Specs

  • Two Analog Joysticks with Dual Click Functionality
  • Standard A, B, X, and Y Buttons
  • Bottom Facing D-pad
  • Physical Home, Options, Share, Menu, and App Launch Buttons
  • L1 and R1 Bumpers
  • L2 and R2 Analog Triggers

Input and Output:

  • Lightning/USB-C Connector
  • Lightning/USB-C Receptacle
  • 5 mm Headphone Jack
  • Status Ring

Dimensions (in/mm):

  • 6 x 4.0 x 1.3 in
  • 142 x 102 x 32 mm

Weight (lbs/g):

  • 4 lbs
  • 180g

Final Thoughts

The Gamevice Flex does a mighty good job in bludgeoning its way to the top in the mobile controller department. With an impressive ergonomic design and neatly spaced out buttons, the Flex offers comfort and minimizes the possibility of fatigue during long gaming sessions. With its ultra-portability thanks to the collapsible frame, the Flex is going to be a regular addition to your bag.

It rakes up a bunch of points thanks to the included adapter kit. Having the kit basically means that there is no wrong fit when it comes to slotting in your phone. There is always going to be enough room for your device to sit in the middle, and have you play your favorite titles with ease.

Compatibility won’t be an issue either as the Flex can be used with a plethora of games that have controller support enabled. This includes big titles like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends, to name a few. And if you’re into in-game voice chats like us, you’ll find the 3.5 mm audio jack a godsend. No need for wonky Bluetooth connectivity. Just plug in the necessary wiring and let the old school take care of you. Low on battery? Go ahead and use the passthrough charging port without having to miss a second of online play. The Gamevice Flex is truly one of the better options on the market today.

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