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Google Pixel 6a Review – Is It Worth It?

by edward

Google Pixel 6a is finally here! With Pixel 6a, Google has re-establish its place as the best affordable phone to purchase! After Google Pixel 5a was released in August 2021, both Samsung and Apple launched their Pixel rivals- Samsung Galaxy A53 and iPhone SE (2022) respectively to compete with the Pixel 5a in quality and low price tag.

To still show its prowess, Google, on July 21, 2022, released Pixel 6a with the same Tensor chipset powering Google’s flagship phones and giving it an edge over Android rivals. The phone has Google’s undeniable power with mobile photography that has aided the previous Pixel A Series to stand out as the best most affordable camera phone.

What’s really about this smartphone? Pixel 6a is an Android smartphone marketed and developed by Google as part of its Google Pixel series. The phone serves as a mid-range of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Read on for the comprehensive review of Pixel 6a!

Reasons To Buy Pixel 6a

  • It’s affordable. Buy the Pixel 6a if you wish to budget less than $500 on a smartphone with top-notch qualities and photos.
  • It offers speedy and reliable performance due to its Google Tensor.
  • Pixel 6a has a flagship design with a comfortable size. It’s 6.3 ounces, making it comfortably lightweight and light.
  • The phone is IP67 certified. It’s safe when you drop it inside water or from rain.
  • It offers all-day battery life with its 4,410mAh.
  • It has a bright display. Colors are more accurate on the phone’s display.

Pixel 6a Design

The 6a design and features are more in keeping with other Pixel 6 Series. Pixel 6a has a high-end design and is built with glass and aluminum for additional grip. It has the same 2-tone finish and a big camera bar. And gives the same Google Tensor processor as Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

However, unlike its predecessor’s left-aligned design, the Pixel 6a selfie camera now stays at the display’s top center. And it comes in new colors to differentiate it from other Pixel 6 series. For its color options, choose between Charcoal, Chalk, and Sage. The phone has a front that uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3. And supports 18W fast charging with USB Power Delivery 3.0 through a USB Type-C 3.1 port.

Sound Quality

Pixel 6a comes with top and bottom speakers that produce clear audio. You can muffle the speakers when you hold the phone horizontally.

Display and Color Options

The device has a bright display that outshines Galaxy A53 and iPhone SE. Why is this so? Google continued with OLED panels on Pixel 6a. OLEDs give better contrast and deeper blacks, which showcases perfectly when you play games or watch videos on its 6.1-inch 1080p OLED display.

Pixel 6a captures about 130 percent of the sRGB color spectrum in its color-boosting adaptive mode. And as stated, it has 3 different colors, Chalk, Sage, and Charcoal.

Price and Availability

Google Pixel 6a pre-orders started before the release date. It’s available for $449 and will be on sale on 28 July 2022. The device would be available via Google Fi and in more locations in the US. Its carrier availability would include T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, plus other services such as Visible and the Comcast and Charter mobile offerings.

The phone will have bigger availability than the previous Pixel that was released just in Japan and the US. The scope will reach Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and India.

Tech Specs

  • Technology- GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G
  • Body dimensions- 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight- 178g
  • Build- Glass front, aluminum frame, and plastic back
  • Type- OLED, HDR
  • Size- 6.1 inches
  • Resolution- 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • USB- Type-C 3.1
  • Bluetooth- 5.2, A2DP, LE
  • OS- Android 12
  • Chipset- Google Tensor (5 nm)

Pixel 6a New features

1. IP67 certified

The phone comes with IP67 water and dust resistance plus under-display fingerprint sensors.

2. Android 13

Pixel 6 ships running with Android 12, but it’ll later be the first to have Android 13 after arriving.

3. Tensor

Tensor is the special feature of Pixel 6a, offering speedy and reliable performance you won’t expect from many premium phones. The phone’s Magic Eraser is the move maker from Pixel 6 to Pixel 6a, enabling you to eliminate unwanted objects and bystanders in your pictures with just a tap.

4. Size and weight

Also pleasing is the phone’s size and weight. The 6a has a 6.1-inch screen smaller than the 6 Pro and 6. The phone is 6.3 ounces, making it comfortably lightweight and lighter than the 6 Pro (7.41 ounces) and Pixel 6 (7.30 ounces). The size comfortability enables you to manage it a lot easier. You won’t be forced to use your 2 hands always.

5. Dual rear-facing camera

Pixel 6a has dual rear-facing cameras and a 12-megapixel sensor likely to allow more light when turned to an ultrawide angle lens. Its front-facing camera uses an 8-megapixel sensor and can record 4K video at 60 or 30 fps. The camera features a Real Tone that makes your image colors to be accurate.

Is Pixel 6a Perfect?

No. Its display is dim and it’s locked to 60Hz. The phone’s camera hardware ages and may run into software bugs. The phone doesn’t stray far from the Pixel 6 that you can get for $150 to have a similar phone with a better camera, more storage, and a bigger 6.4-inch 90Hz screen.

However, at $449, these shortcomings can be forgiven since it offers much more. It can be a better fit if you want a great phone with a tight budget.

Best Pixel 6a Alternative- Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 is the predecessor and the best 6a alternative. There aren’t many differences in performance between Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a. For instance, the 6a design has a camera bar and a 2-tone color scheme at its back as Pixel 6. However, they have similarities and slight differences, which are:

1. Display and Processor

Pixel 6a display is 6.1 inches, 1080 x 2400 OLED. The refresh rate is 60Hz, and the processor is Google Tensor. Google Pixel 6 display is 6.4 inches, 1080 x 2340 OLED. The refresh rate is 90Hz, and the processor is Google Tensor.

2. Memory and Storage

The 6a has 6GB and 128GB storage, while the 6 has 6GB and 128GB/256GB storage.

3. Camera

The 6a has 12.2-megapixel wide camera, 12-megapixel ultrawide for the back, and 8-megapixel for the front. On the other hand, the 6 has a 50-megapixel wide camera, 12-megapixel ultrawide for the back, and 8-megapixel.

4. Battery Life

Pixel 6a has up to 72 hours with battery saver, while the 6 has 48 hours with battery saver.

5. Water Resistance

While Pixel 6a is IP67 certified for water resistance, the 6 is IP68.

6. Color Options

Pixel 6a has Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal

color options. Pixel 6 has different colors; Sorta Seafoam, Stormy Black, and Kinda Coral.

7. Price

The price of the 6a goes for $449. It’s $580 for a Pixel 6.

Thinking of using Pixel 6? Here are the benefits of buying it:

  • It has a great camera with excellent tools.
  • It comes with a Tensor that delivers good performance and AI powers.
  • Buy Pixel 6 to get a pure and easy Android 12 experience.

Final Thoughts

Pixel 6a, which is expected to have 5 years of security updates and 3 years of major OS upgrades, is one of the best sub-$500 phones to get in the market, especially if you value speed and high performance. There’s much more to love with the phone. Pixel 6a has a speedy processor, a clean software experience, a peak brightness display, all-day battery life, and good cameras.

When compared with other midranges at related price points, it gives a compelling, complete package. In particular, it has a larger display than the 3rd-generation iPhone SE. Pixel 6a also has better battery life, 5G connectivity, and camera than most of Apple’s offerings. You can check out the latest pricing on the Google Pixel 6a here.


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