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Google Pixel Tablet Review – It Is Worth Buying?

by edward

Google has not had the best of relationships with tablets. Apart from the Nexus 7 which saw some early success, other products such as the Pixel C and Pixel Slate of 2018 were met with huge criticisms. However, 5 years down the line, the Pixel Tablet has proven to be a game changer. The device was introduced for the first time at Google I/O 2023 and preorders started on May 10 but since June 20th, it has been available.

With a blended focus on companionship and productivity, the tab is equipped with a variety of functionalities, which make $500 look like a great bargain when compared to its rivals such as the Galaxy Tab 8’s and the OnePlus Pads. These are the biggest reasons why the Google Pixel Tablet should be the next gadget on your purchase list.

Pixel Tablet – Purchasing Guide

3 Reasons To Use Google Pixel Tablet

1. Charging Speaker Dock Included

Perhaps the biggest reason to get the Google Pixel Tablet is because of the Charging Speaker Dock. It differentiates the tablet from others. Apart from acting as a stand and helping to hold the tablet in position for better viewing on the screen, the tablet also transforms into a smart home control system similar to Google’s Nest Hub. When put in Hub Mode, the device acts as a digital photo frame that can accept voice prompts, track other smart devices, and show app notifications.

Another awesome benefit is that since the tablet gets charged through the dock, you never have to worry about running out of battery. It doesn’t end there because you also get a fuller and louder speaker with the charging dock. Once your tablet is docked, it connects automatically.

2. More Productivity

The split screen on the Pixel tablet makes multitasking super easy. You can open two apps simultaneously and split the screen between the apps. This means that you could be watching a video and scrolling through your mail at the same time. Bet that sounds cool.

The storage and performance also gives you more reasons to be productive because it is one of the best in its class. 8GB of RAM allows for seamless multitasking as well as better app retention, which allows you to save valuable seconds. The Pixel Tablet has 128GB which could be expanded to 256GB storage unlike one of its biggest competitors, the Apple iPad (10th gen), which only has 64GB storage.

3. Better Social Media Experience

The Pixel tablet is the first one to come with Chromecast built-in. This allows you to cast music from your phone to the gadget. Although it only works in Hub Mode or when connected to the Charging Speaker Dock built-in Chromecast gives you more flexibility for social media. It doesn’t end there though because you also get to enjoy video conferencing like never before on Google Meet. Users can access features to adjust the lighting and frame as desired. Also, because of Google’sTensor G2, the Pixel Tablet supports advanced AI-based editing to give your pictures a facelift.


The most striking thing about the Google’s Pixel Tablet’s design is its iPad-like feel. With an 11-inch display and a weight of just over one pound, the tablet is super comfy although it is somewhat heavy when you add the case. The 2,560 x 1,600 pixels screen resolution shows a bright and crisp picture and the side speakers are also decent. Since there is no headphone jack, you might need an adapter, Bluetooth, or USB-C headphones.

You will also find a fingerprint sensor on the power button. It is fast-acting and serves to unlock the Pixel Tablet just the way you would for a Pixel phone. In general, the Pixel tablet looks very good when it is docked and for many people it somewhat feels like a smart picture frame or a larger-sized Google Nest Hub. Lastly, you can either use Google’s case or more affordable third-party options.

Build & Feel

The Pixel Tablet has a standard build without the bundled dock. It has 10.2 x 6.7 x 0.3 inch dimensions. A nano-ceramic coating gives the back of the tablet an impressive textured feel. You will find four pogo connectors close to the bottom where you can attach the tablet to the dock.

The USB-C connector for traditional charging is on the left and two silicone bumpers located on the bottom protect the tablet from marks and scratches when taking it off the dock. Smart placement of the speakers on the right and left edges of the device make the stereo sound perfect whether in portrait or landscape orientation. For the charging speaker dock, a fabric-wrapped look and wedge shape makes it look techy.

Color Options

The device comes in unique colors: Rose, Porcelain, and Hazel. The Porcelain and rose colors come with white bezels at the front while the Hazel comes with dark bezels. The charging speaker dock has the same color as the tablet.

New Features

The Pixel Tablet comes with lots of new features to make you feel more connected to your space. For instance, if you have Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers at home, you could include the Pixel Tablet speakers into the ecosystem and enjoy music from room to room. Unfortunately, the Google Assistant through the Pixel Tablet does not support Continued Conversation features like Nest devices do, so you would need to say “Hey Google” prompt again for follow up questions or more commands.

One of the biggest selling  points of the Google Pixel Tablet remains the Charging Speaker Dock. Although you cannot use it as your TV output like with Apple HomePod, it remains a good addition to other smart speakers at home.it’s a standard feature on all other smart speakers.


The Pixel Tablet together with the Charging Speaker Dock has a starting price of around $499 at the moment. If you want to increase the storage space of the tablet from 128 to 256GB, it will cost you an additional $100 upcharge.

Also, if you need extra Charging Speaker Docks, it would cost $129. Google also sells the Pixel Tablet Case accessory for $79. It comes with a handy metal stand that folds out from behind and allows you to prop the device on your table. The Google Pixel Tablet is available in 3 color options and you can get it either directly from Google or from retail outlets such as Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Tech Specs

Out of the box, it runs on Android 13. Considering that Google has committed to a minimum of five years of updates, users have a lot to look forward to because the Tablet is going to be around for a while. A built-in 27-watt-hour battery allows for about 12 hours of video streaming, which doesn’t sound bad. Security wise, Google has a minimum of 5 years for its special end-to-end security.

Both front and rear cameras are fixed-focus 8 MP at f/2.0, which isn’t great even under good light. Considering tablets are not mainly used to take photos, users might ignore that. However, an LCD panel on the screen with a resolution of 1,600 x 2,560 alongside a 60Hz refresh rate doesn’t give the most impressive display. It doesn’t sound impressive but it gets the job done for a midrange gadget like the Pixel Tablet.

Finally, a Google Tensor G2 Chipset also seen in the Pixel 7 series is used for this tablet. Even when multitasking, the tablet delivers a good and fast performance. You can create as many as 8 different profiles for family and friends. The Google Pixel Tablet comes with a 1 year warranty.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get a good tablet for reading and social media, then the Pixel Tablet does the job. It has a standard design, decent cameras, fast processors, and an included charging speaker dock. However, the lack of keyboard or stylus case options means that you can’t do much typing. Also, a couple of android apps seem to still be struggling with the big screens.

But the good news is that if Google decides to commit to the device, then you can be certain that the software and performance would improve over time. Considering the current price of the Pixel Tablet, it is definitely not a bad investment. With its Chromecast, speaker dock, and smart home controls, it is a valuable home companion and could become even better with more productivity accessories.

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