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Grimvalor App Review

Grimvalor is one of the coolest hack n slash games to come out in quite sometime. It has a very cool back story of recovering a darkened realm with fast paced combat. Cut scenes in this game are pretty spectacular which is definitely something I need to point out. We will have some video below as we go over some of the benefits to giving this game a download.

If your into slice and dice platform action games this is the one you’ve been waiting for. You will be given different attack abilities as you progress through the game, but a sword will always be with you. Controls are smooth especially when playing on a big Iphone XS Max. Boss fights happen often and they can also be quite epic.

This game also has very good music and sound effects. This was also something I noticed within the first minute of playing. The only real downside I can think of to this game is that it currently costs $5.99.

With some closing comments on our Grimvalor app review we still think its worth downloading. It has tons of fun slice n dice action, lots of levels to play through, and also quite addictive.

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