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How Loud is the Iphone XS Max?

For those wondering how loud the Iphone XS Max is I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. We recently had a chance to compare this phone to last years iphone x, and when it came to its speakers it was blown away by the XS Max. We will also showcase some live video below as we go over to some of the benefits to using this phone.

When it comes to gaming on the XS Max your definitely not going to find a better phone. It has a gorgeous 6.5 inch display that is finger print resistant. We have also had a chance to play some of the highest graphic games which all played very smoothly.

If you plan on listening to lots of music and are also wondering how loud the Iphone XS Max is you should prepare to be blown away. After having this phone for less than a week it has also become my go to phone for working out at the gym. The sound on here while loud is also very smooth even when turned up to its max limit.

You should also know that while this phone is quite big it is also still pocket friendly. I have had no issues with getting it to fit in my back pocket or even use it one handed. Being someone with not the biggest hands I can tell you that you shouldn’t have any issues using it one handed. With all of that said I would have to say this is one of the best phones to come out this year. Its amazing for gaming, catching up on a Netflix season, or listening to music on youtube. For anyone out there who is wondering how loud the Iphone XS Max is I can tell you that Apple upped there game up on this one.

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