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How Much XRP Is Enough In 2023? 10k, 50k, 100k

by edward

So how much XRP is enough in 2023? How about a better question being do you believe in what there trying to accomplish. The whole point of this crypto coin was to facilitate banks for making large transfers to replace the current system in place Swift. Swift has been around since the 1970’s and while it gets the job done its simply out dated. While XRP has yet to accomplish there ultimate goal the project has made lots of progress. Lets see what it would take for you to become a crypto millionaire with XRP.

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Is 10k XRP Enough?

At the current price levels in 2023 at around $.80 cents a coin XRP would need a moon shot. This would translate into costing you around $8,000. Turning that small amount of money into a million dollars would be nothing short of the biggest moon shot of all time. I seriously mean that since it would have to go as high as $100 which some people believe is simply not possible. I’m not going to rule out it never happening, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Is 50k XRP Enough?

Okay now were working with a little more coin making our target goal slightly easier. Buying this many XRP would cost you right around $40,000. You would need an XRP price of only $10 to reach your target goal. This price seems a lot more reasonable, but still a long way out considering the coins price is only $.80.

Is 100k XRP Enough?

Getting up to owning 100k XRP coins might sound like a dream for some people. It would cost you a whopping $80,000 to own this many coins, and some people just aren’t willing to risk that much money. However if you were able to accumulate this many coins it would only take an XRP price of $6.8 to hit your million.

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Final Thoughts

Look only buy what your willing to lose. Its impossible to know if this crypto project is going to work in the long run. I personally own this coin and am prepared for the worst, but at the same time hoping for the best. I would definitely be happy with a price of around $4-$10 by the end of this year. Lets see if it happens!


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