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5 Tips To Become a Winning Online Poker Player

by edward

Most us at some point in time have tried our luck at online poker. For me its been a long 15 year journey. I’ve had my fair share of big wins followed by big losses. I play because I love the game as do so many others throughout the world. To become a winning online poker player in 2022 it takes dedication. You also have to have a love for the game or you won’t get very far. I’ve put together 5 tips that you must master in order to start winning consistently.

Tip 1 – For Love of The Game

I think its important to remember poker is a game. Yes you can win money playing it, but its also entertainment based. If you don’t truly enjoy it and are looking at this as just a means to make money you’ve already lost. The goal should not be to just make tons of money, but also want to improve to be the best.

Tip 2 – Focus

To become a winning online poker player in 2022 focus is extremely important. That means no distractions what so ever. Don’t be watching tv or texting friends as it will only take a way from analyzing each hand your in. It might not seem important but missing a small moment in just one hand can have a huge effect on your win rate. Simply put limit distractions when your in a poker session.

Tip 3 – Multi Tabling

Multi tabling in online poker allows you to play lots of tables at once. I have found that playing 2 tables at a time yields me the highest win rate. Since were humans and not computers we can only make decisions so quickly in a virtual poker game. Playing 2 tables at a time allows you to see more hands per hour, and will allow you to still play good poker. Once you start playing upwards of 3 or 4 tables is when things get really sloppy. I highly recommend not doing it

Tip 4 – Bluffing

To become a winning online poker player in 2022 and beyond you have to bluff. You can’t simply join a game and play ABC poker. What I mean by that is simply waiting for big hands like KK, AA, or AK won’t work. Players are a lot better than they used to be, and this type of play simply won’t cut it. Instead start 3 betting players preflop, and protecting your blinds in cash games as much as possible. In fact always protect your blinds and apply pressure to opponents. Giving up your blinds constantly will hurt you drastically in the long run.

Tip 5 – Play The Right Stakes

When I say play the right stakes I mean play games where you can actually win money. Yes you can always play the $10 or $20 dollar games but you will never make much. By all means go ahead and play those games as I already mentioned online poker is an entertainment based thing. However if your also in this to make some money I wouldn’t bother playing games lower than $100 dollars. That goes for cash games or anything else.

Where To Play Online Poker? 

By far the best place to be playing right now is Ignition Poker. They have built a solid reputation for taking care of players, offer fast cash outs, and have amazing software. I also can’t forget to mention they just started doing the once a month million dollar tournament. You can grab a nice first time deposit bonus by clicking here.

Ignition Poker Live Gameplay

As far as poker software goes Ignition has some of the best. You can watch some of the live cash game gameplay directly below.

Final Thoughts

To become a winning online poker player in 2022 takes a different set of skill sets, and a special type of person. If that’s you all I can say is I’m right their with you. I love the game just as much as the next guy or gal. I also imagine I will continue loving this game the rest of my life. Becoming the best might be a never ending pursuit, but hopefully these tips help you out on your poker journey. Also don’t forget to grab your first time deposit bonus on Ignition Poker. Good luck on the virtual felt!

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