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How To Buy XRP With Apple Pay

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The cryptocurrency market is actively growing, and while you have probably heard of popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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In contrast, XRP is less popular and not as well known. Still, it remains one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

XRP, developed by Ripple Labs, is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ripple ledger, a blockchain that operates a little differently from other cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency is used to facilitate quick currency conversion and international financial transfers. As such, you can buy XRP as an investment, a way for cheaper global transactions, or a cryptocurrency to exchange for other currencies.

Benefits Of Investing In XRP

  • Affordability

Cryptocurrency is an expensive and high-risk investment plan, which is why most people shy away from crypto. Fortunately, XRP is cheap! If you are a low-budget investor, you can buy a serious amount of XRP at $50 with a current market value of 0.50 USD per XRP. In addition, given its optimistic prediction and a potentially big return on investment, it is a relatively low-risk investment option if you are interested in cryptocurrency.

  • Instantaneous Transactions

An average transaction on Ripple’s network generally takes three to five seconds. The timeframe is incredibly fast compared to the days it would take banks to complete a cross-border payment or the hours it takes to complete the processing of a Bitcoin transaction.

  • Low Fees

One of the most attractive benefits of Uphold is the low fees it takes to complete a transaction on the Ripple network. Everybody loves cheap alternatives, and Ripple offers just that by charging a very low cost of just 0.00001 XRP to complete secure financial transactions.

How To Buy XRP With Apple Pay – Uphold

Several trading and cryptocurrency platforms accept buying assets, including XRP with Apple Pay. However, here is a simple guide to buying XRP on Uphold using Apple Pay.

  • Sign up on Uphold

To buy any asset on Uphold, you need to create an account. It only takes a few minutes. So, visit the website and input the necessary information, such as your name, date of birth, country, etc. You can begin to use the platform once you verify your identity. You can sign up on Uphold here.

  • Connect a payment method

Once your account is verified, you need to connect a payment method that best suits you to deposit money in the account. For example, you can use the bank transfer option or link your cards or Apple Pay.

  • Deposit

Click on ‘Transact’ to begin your transaction. If you are using Apple Pay, tap ‘From’ on the transaction page and choose the Apple Pay option from my cards. Then, proceed to click on ‘To’ and choose XRP.

  • Buy XRP

Tap on ‘Preview Deposit’ to confirm all information, then click on ‘continue with Apple Pay.’ Your transaction should take only a few seconds.

How To Use Apple Pay With Uphold

You can deposit money to your Uphold account using Apple Pay. However, the platform only accepts Visa and Mastercard through Apple Pay, and you must be in a country where Uphold accepts debit or credit card payments. So, ensure that you have linked an acceptable card to your Apple Pay before you start. Here are seven simple steps to use Apple Pay on Uphold.

  • Set up Apple Pay
  • Log in to Uphold
  • Click ‘Transact.
  • Tap ‘From’ and choose the Apple Pay option
  • Tap ‘To’ and choose your preferred asset
  • Preview the deposit and confirm

Is Uphold a Reputable Place To Buy XRP?

If you are searching for the right platform to buy XRP, Uphold is a reputable place to buy the Ripple cryptocurrency. The cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform is licensed in the US and Europe. Hence, Uphold is a suitable platform for working with a regulated cryptocurrency trading website. Furthermore, unlike many cryptocurrency platforms, it offers a function to serve as a virtual wallet for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The platform features an automatic currency conversion function to send funds to other Uphold users. Since its relaunch in 2014, the platform has been a robust trading place for over 90 cryptocurrencies, 50 US stocks, 27 fiat currencies, and several other assets.

Benefits Of Using Uphold

  • Wide Range Of Assets

Uphold lists over 150 cryptocurrencies, making it easy for users to choose a suitable option to buy. In addition, the platform allows users to trade stocks, precious metals, and fiat currencies aside from cryptocurrency. It also allows you to convert between different currencies and assets without converting to cash first.

  • Good Security

The cryptocurrency platform prioritizes security and uses several standard security checks to protect users’ information and money. Uphold carry out several security measures such as regular software and security checks and updates, mandatory security training and background check of personnel, and sophisticated encryption of sensitive information, including emails. Uphold platform also enables users to secure accounts with two-factor verification. Additionally, uphold runs a bug bounty program where users who notice a bug in the platform and report it are compensated.

  • Fast Transaction

Uphold provides almost instant transactions to convert currencies which is very handy for making payments. Unlike several financial institutions, this saves you days of waiting for your transaction to be processed. Also, you can receive and send money globally in any currency. Unlike other platforms, uphold charges low transaction fees.

  • Simple User Interface

Uphold is easy to set up with a quick signup process of filling in your basic information, such as your email, nationality, and government-issued ID. The user interface design is easy to understand, and you can make trades immediately after you verify your account. You can get started with $10 and fund the account through any payment method, including bank ACH transfer.

Other Features On Uphold – Staking

Uphold staking feature offers you the ability to earn rewards on your crypto asset by pledging your coins to a validator via Uphold to help secure, create new blocks in the blockchain network and validate transactions. How does this work?

Once a block is ready to be processed, a validator node is selected, and if the transaction is verified, the block is added to the chain, and a reward is earned for the contribution. Although Uphold charges a 15 percent commission on any staking rewards, the rewards are regularly added to a staking account, automatically increasing future stakes. Uphold currently supports the staking of 23 cryptocurrencies, including popular ones such as ETH, DOT, SOL, etc. However, note that the reward earned on staking ETH is not re-staked by Uphold.

Added Benefits To Investing In XRP

Partnerships With Financial Institutions

XRP has gained appreciation from financial institutions more than any other cryptocurrency. The network partners with international financial institutions from more than 55 countries. The Bank of America is one of those using the network, which is a good sign of security to note as an investor. Ripple understands that it is unwise to try to replace the banking functions. So, the network chooses the smart way of partnering with them to offer fast, secure, and easy transactions.


Despite the plummet in XRP’s price in January 2022 due to the fall of Bitcoin, XRP managed to recover its price and continues its uptrend. Plus, since its inception in 2012, it has continued going strong and managed to maintain a stable price. This stability has helped lure more institutions to the network and can attract more investors in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you have planned to invest in cryptocurrency but are scared because of its high cost and risk. XRP could be a worthy investment in the long run. It is cheap, and with the Uphold platform, you can easily buy several XRP for just $10. While XRP isn’t exempted from volatility like other cryptocurrencies, its potential and trust by financial institutions is certainly something to make you consider investing in it. You can also get started on Uphold by clicking here.

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