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How To Change Android App Icons 2017

If your looking for how to change android app icons in 2017 we have just the thing. Learning how to do this is a very cool trick that will absolutely work on any android phone. That’s right any android phone so it won’t matter which one your using. If your tired of how some of your favorite, or most used apps look you can alter them in a few different ways. You can change the color, style, shape, size, and even the picture of the app with the method we are going to show you. I know this all sounds pretty cool since it is so lets get right into it.

For how to change android app icons in 2017 your going to need to head over to the play store, and download an app called icon changer. The download should not take longer then 20 seconds so wait for it to finish and then open it. If your skeptical don’t be since this app has almost 50 thousand downloads with a 4 star review rating. As soon as you open the app you should see a list of all the different apps you currently have installed on your phone. Choose which one you would like to change or modify. Once you do that you will be prompted with three different options for images, filters, and sizes. For how to change android app icons 2017 all you now need to do is change the overall look and style to your liking.

As we mentioned you can do things such as give the app a different size, use filters to change the colors, invert the color, or completely change the look of the app. You can change the look of the app by using an image you have on your android phone that will allow it to look completely different. This would also be a cool way to hide an app you downloaded as well. As you can see learning how to change app icons in 2017 is a really cool trick you can use to customize your android device. The best part is that the app we have recommended above is completely free to download and will not cost anything. You should probably get to it, and start making some app icon changes immediately. Checking out our video we have embedded above should also help you out as well. You can also subscribe to our youtube channel for more android updates, tips, and tricks as well.

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