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How To Change Location On FanDuel Sportsbook

by edward

Fanduel Sportsbooks is a top site for fantasy league competitions and sports betting in the United States. In fact, Fanduel sportsbook is in the top 3, covering various sports, including NFL, horse racing, NBA, and casino games. It offers a plethora of betting options that are guaranteed fun ways to win, alongside signup and first deposit bonuses up to US$1000. What’s not to like about this betting site, except that it’s not available in all of the United States?

Cheer up! All hope is not lost, especially since the internet provides more than one way to get things done. Changing your location solves it, and in this article, we’d provide a complete guide on how to change your location and IP address for access to Fanduels sportsbooks. Like anybody in the “allowed states,” you have unrestricted access to all the services and sign-up bonuses they offer.

Best VPN’s for FanDuel – Summarized List

Changing Location With a VPN for FanDuel

While it is just a sad reality, Fanduel sportsbooks can’t be available to everyone, and anyone, especially since some local state laws limit the operation of online casinos and sports betting in certain states of the United States. It’s a relief that there are simple ways to operate Fanduel across your devices and gadgets.

As a website, Fanduel sportsbook uses geolocation trackers which identify your geographical location and decisively allow you to access the website or not. Alternatively, Fanduel also requests to verify your location during sign-up by asking you to turn on the location service on your device.

Changing your location for complete access to the Fanduel sportsbook isn’t an elaborate process. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or well-grounded in the operation of DNS and IPs. Anybody with the right information can easily get it done.  As a matter of fact, You’d only need a 4-step process to do it:

  • Download the right VPN: There is almost always an unending list of usable VPNs. So, it’s important that you carefully pick a VPN that suits your purpose. In this case, we recommend you use any of the top three premium VPNs we provide in this article.
  • Select a usable VPN location: There’s no size fit all answer to how VPN works. It would help if you made it a priority to find out how each VPN operates and how you can best use what they each offer. Then you can select a usable VPN location for the Fanduel sportsbook.
  • Verify your virtual location: After connecting to a virtual location your VPN provides, it’s important to verify if your VPN works. Verifying helps reveal the percentage of anonymity and security you maintain while using the VPN.
  • Sign up on the Fanduel Sportsbook website: With that out of the way, you can proceed to the Fanduel website, sign-up, and brace yourself for all the winning potentials and opportunities that the website offers.

Since VPN can be a privacy threat and quite an exposure to viruses on your devices, choosing an appropriate FanDuel VPN will require careful personal consideration. There are things you can look out for when choosing a VPN.  We talk about them later in this article, but if you don’t want the trouble of trial and error or personal research on which VPN to use, our top recommendation for the best VPN services for Fanduel should stir your interest and help you save lots of time.

Top 3 VPN for Services for Fanduel

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is viable for more than just being able to connect to a virtual location. There are added benefits and features to like or dislike about this VPN.


  • High-tech privacy and security
  • Kill switch to arrest privacy compromise
  • No DNS leaks
  • It uses a double VPN to provide twice the protection
  • Can connect up to 6 devices on one account
  • Fast and stable all-around speed
  • Very affordable and accepts multiple payment options


  • Supports torrenting on selective servers
  • Slow app connections
  • OpenVPN configuration is too technical for the everyday user

2. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN also has an impressive list of pros and cons, which includes:


  • Safe, private connections
  • Multi-hop connections
  • Available on lots of platforms
  • Reliable speed
  • Uninterrupted streaming of geo-blocked content


  • Lagging customer helpdesk
  • Low representation on social media
  • Unstable P2P characters

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers an unmatched web surfing experience from virtually represented and presented locations. It’s also a fun choice and quite user-friendly.


  • Fast and reliable speed on all server locations
  • Zero logs policy
  • Advanced security on apps and servers
  • Works with most streaming  sites


  • Not the cheapest VPN option
  • No labeling for streaming servers

What To Look Out for in a Reliable VPN

When picking the right VPN that can guarantee your privacy and mitigate exposure-related risks, there’s always a list of things you should look out for.

A large server network is a massive advantage and top of the list of things to look out for when choosing a VPN. However, you should also look for secure encryption protocols and security features, especially if you intend to use these VPNs in states like Utah, where gambling carries a six-month jail time penalty and a US$1000 fine.

Ensure your VPN has key features like split tunneling, kill switches, and a meticulous no-logs policy. Each of these VPNs provides unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore them!

Bypassing FanDuel Geo-Locations

If you are not in Arizona, Arkansas, or any state where sports betting is legal, it might be impossible to sign up on Fanduel without VPN. Worse still, some locations are outrightly blocked from receiving sports broadcasts. And it’s quite amazing how VPN works in both scenarios, helping stay above the grid and location-related restrictions.

Websites that impose location restrictions almost always do it with the help of geolocation tracking. This process includes using location technologies(GPS and IPs) to pinpoint the location of internet-enabled electronic devices. With the help of a Virtual Private Network, you can curate a virtual location that replaces your real-time location—giving you the option of which location would appear as your location when you access websites like Fanduel that restrict access to certain locations. VPNs are not altogether difficult to utilize. Some are even available for use without charges, but it’s advisable to opt for a top-notch VPN if you want broader bandwidth and location options.

Final Thoughts

For the love of sports betting and taking opportunities as they appear, you’d need to change your location for unrestricted access to the FanDuel websites. Nothing serves you better than having a VPN that helps you get it done without the need to sacrifice privacy or compromise personal data. Now that you have all the tenets you need, what’s stopping you? Go for it!


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