How To Crop Videos On Your Iphone

Learning how to crop videos on your iphone is a very useful trick. This is something that you can do without having to download any fancy editing apps as well. Its also nice to know if you like to upload straight from your iphone to facebook, youtube, twitter, or any other social sharing site. You can always use the editors on some of these platforms, but why not just get it done all at once straight on your iphone.

For how to crop videos on your iphone your first going to want to open your photos. You will then want to find a video you would like to edit and click on it. Once you click on it you should see an option 3rd to the left with three lines going across. Click on this and then tap on one of the black arrows either on the left or right side of the edit screen. For how to crop videos on your iphone hold down on one of these until you have made whatever changes you like. You will then need to click done and save.

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