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How To Crush 6 Max Online Poker Cash Games In 2021

The 6-max (6-handed) poker is by far one of the most popular online cash game formats. Before now, the full-ring (9-handed poker) was more dominant but after players noticed they could get more action by going short-handed, full-ring games hit the deck.

If you want to crush 6-max Poker and other online poker cash games in tournaments and make hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly, there are a few things to know. You can become a crusher at low and high stakes by employing the right strategy.

Most of the winnings come from weaker players, which shows that strategy goes a long way to determine results at the table. This guide shows you the best starting hand, pocket pairs, and suited connectors, how to play in different positions, putting your opponent in ranges, and other selectively aggressive strategies.

Best Starting Hands – Pocket Pairs & Suited Connectors

Many poker players make the mistake of playing hands that look good, but might not be as valuable as we think. Most times, they come in the form of A-Q to A-X, two high face cards, small pocket pairs, or suited connectors. The latter two usually hold up less and tend to connect more with the flop, leaving players in trouble. You should start with stronger hands from early positions and only raise hands that will be +EV (for an open-raise).

Suited connectors are simply hands made by two consecutive, same-suited cards. They can turn into flushes, straights, or even a straight flush. However, since the odds of flopping flushes or straights are low, your best step is to play these hands cheaply without getting too aggressive at the beginning. It is best to see suited connectors as ‘wildcards’.

Pocket pairs on the other hand are usually more valuable than suited connectors. Since the odds of flopping a set are about 8 to 1, you could raise with pocket pairs in a late position and if you are the first player to act. Taking the blinds might not be bad. Do not overplay your pocket pairs thinking that you already have a ‘made’ hand. Remember small pocket pairs are only good for set mining. Once missed, you are likely to be behind. Finally, remember to isolate the limpers and never allow your opponents to see a free flop.

How to Play in Early Position

Information is crucial in Poker and you can get it best by playing in position. Although positions could change, the first three players after the blind are usually in the early position. You must be careful about the cards you play here because this is perhaps the most difficult position tactically.

Do not start with weak hands, rather, go for stronger hands to help you observe your opponents better. Narrow your hand range to high or middle pairs, strong aces, and do not forget to improvise on the button.

How to Play in Middle Position

This position is probably easier, still, you would want to play top hands only. You could open up the table a bit if the stacks are over 150 big blinds deep and it is tight. If someone has already raised, it makes sense to only play hands that are Q-Q and over, or A-K. If the action is intense, you could re-raise Q-Q, J-J ,or 10-10. Alternatively, you could flat call if you are with a tight player.

Your strategy here should involve more of all-ins and highly aggressive plays both preflop and on the flop. Do not forget to steal the blinds at any available opportunity. Mix up your play and play a wider range of hands in the middle position.

How to Play in Late Position

Late position refers to the position of the last two players before the blind. It is usually the most favorable since you can examine everyone else’s actions and adjust your play. Calling early position raisers, re-raising before the flop, and flop floating are other important tactics here.

If the pot has not been opened, you could consider going in with a wide range of hands. If there are many players in the pot and you have hands like A-9 suit off, it is usually better to fold. The ‘Golden rule’ in the late position is the button. Play a lot when you are on it. Also, be aggressive towards tight or weak players before you.

Putting Opponents on Ranges

Ranges are extremely important when it comes to Poker strategy. Ranges are even more effective than attempting to put your opponent on a specific hand. Thus, you should always be “ranging” your opponent as the hand progresses. Assess your opponent’s range for each action and narrow it depending on the facts given. Still, what happens when your opponent has a hand that you didn’t think was in their range?

Whether you are the caller or aggressor, you can leverage this strategy for better results. First, if we range our opponent against the board, we can see that they have a range disadvantage due to a lack of good hands. Our advantage becomes evident as we range ourselves in the same way. Also, we can use the power of our overall range against the weakness of our opponent’s range by having a large number of strong value hands. This allows us to bluff more convincingly, value bet more confidently, and, as a result, earn more chips! Remember, however, that ranging is never definitive.

Where to Play Online Poker? – Ignition Poker

If you are looking for where to play the action-packed 6 Max Poker and other online poker games, Ignition Poker might be your best option. Being the largest Poker website in the United States means that over 3,000 players can be featured at any point. Players from 45 out of the 50 states in the country can use Ignition Poker without any hassle.

Ignition Poker is welcoming to casual players thanks to its recreational model of limited player tracking. It also has a “Zone poker” feature that comes with tons of fast-paced gaming action. Since being created in 2016, Ignition Poker has consistently brought fun and entertainment to the industry with its innovative peer-to-peer games.

The four major groups of games on the platform are Cash games, Zoom Poker, Sit and Go tournaments, and Multi-table tournaments. The gaming software from Ignition Poker comes from top companies like Rival Gaming, Betsoft, Realtime Gaming, and Genesis Gaming. The website is also mobile-compatible. Finally, there are multiple lucrative bonuses and an array of cashout options, all of which add up to make the Internet Card Room attractive to gamers.

Ignition $1000 Poker Bonus

Benefits to Playing on Ignition Poker

There are several reasons to consider playing at Ignition Poker. Some of the benefits include:

  • Multiple payment options: You can cashout conveniently through a variety of ways including Checks, Bank Wire, and even Bitcoin.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and interactive. This leaves you with no issues while navigating the website.
  • Excellent customer service: Their customer service stands out for their quick responses, friendly and professional attitude, and availability throughout the day.
  • Accessible to players: Ignition Poker is available to American and Australian players both of which represent a decent percentage of Poker players worldwide.
  • Incognito Playing: Ignition Poker is famous for its anonymity concept. This innovative game structure allows non-professional players to have fun without getting worried about their personal information.
  • Exciting games: Multi-table freeze-out tournaments and Lottery-style Jackpots are accessible to hundreds to thousands of players on the platform.

Final Thoughts

6-max poker is one of the most thrilling games you could find. An aggressive style pre-flop 3-betting and barrelling is important to your success. Although not overly complicated, it is important to know the basics such as how to play in the early, middle, and late positions.

Putting your opponent in ranges and knowing the best starting hand, pocket pairs, and suited connectors gives you a much better shot at winning. Ignition Poker remains one of the best places to find entertainment of this quality. If nothing else good luck on the virtual felt in your next session.


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