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How To Earn Money Doing Nothing 2019 – With Your Phone

Learning how to earn money doing nothing in 2019 with your phone has now become a reality. We have 5 different methods that when combined can make you a serious amount of extra monthly income. Each one will take some time to get good with, but the earning potential can be significant. We will have a video directly below showing exactly how each one works.

1. If you want to learn how to earn money doing nothing in 2019 with your phone affiliate marketing would be a good idea. This is a marketing method that allows you to make money online through promotional links. The cool thing is once you have these links setup in place the money later on will be completely passive.  If you have a high traffic blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram this would be for you. We currently earn well over 10k a month with this marketing method, and highly recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a training platform that can teach you just about everything on this subject. Signing up is free which you can do here.

2. Since were on the topic of affiliate marketing Affilorama would be another great place to get some training. There training platform has been around for over 10 years so they have a lot of solid content built up around this topic. They have both free and paid options all of which are pretty solid.

3. Another method on how to earn money doing nothing in 2019 with your phone would be using Robinhood. This is a free stock trading app that you could start investing money with. You would want to buy dividend paying stocks that pay you quarterly just for owning there stock. At first this method can seem somewhat boring, but later on the money can really just to add up.

4. Acorns is an automatic investing app that can help you make an easy 2-5 percent on your money. You can setup recurring deposits, or card roundups which you will have to connect your debit card too. Acorns takes your money, and puts it into low risk mutual funds. It currently costs $1 a month to use and totally worth it.

5. Our last method for how to earn money doing nothing in 2019 is with Wealthsimple. This is another automatic investing app which you can setup recurring deposits for. It will also take your money, and invest it for you into low risk mutual funds. If you enjoyed this list you can also check out some other great money making apps here.

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