How To Fix LG G6 Not Charging Problem

If your having an lg g6 not charging problem your not alone. Users have reported this problem happening to them, but we have some tips and fixes to get the issue taken care of quickly. There is usually a few different reasons such as defective cable, overheated battery, damaged battery, or charger problem. Before we get into how to fix this problem also be sure to subscribe to us on youtube for more helpful tech tips. So for how to fix lg g6 not charging problem your going to want to first

1. Make sure the usb cord your using is not defective by trying out more then 1 cord. There might be a breakage or a bad connection with the cord your using. If your in need of a new cord we have a top selection below

2. You will also want to try cleaning out the usb port since dust and other things can pile up inside it. You can try blowing or using something small like a paper clip to clean it out

3. It could also be that the wall charger your using is defective. If that is the case we have a highly powered faster charger from Maxboost below that can fix this problem.

4. If you still have an lg g6 not charging problem try resetting the phone completely. It might just be a software issue, and a reset can fix this problem for you

5. You could also be experiencing a slow charging issue. If this is the case you might have too many apps running in the background. You could also have some kind of virus from a third party app which would also slow down your phone. If you think that is the problem definitely do a factory reset

Anytime you have an lg g6 not charging problem its usually aimed at these 5 issues. You can go through each one of them until you get the problem fixed. Half the time the issue is because of a defective accessory your using, and other times its more phone related with the software. Also don’t forget to subscribe to us for more tech tips on youtube as well. If your lg g6 is not charging hopefully our tips and fixes will have gotten the problem taken care of for you. If your still having problems however try calling lg’s support team, or your phone provider to help you trouble shoot it further.

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