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How To Get Free COD Mobile Points In 2020

If your looking to get some free COD Mobile Points in 2020 you’ve landed in the right place. Having played this game religiously since it first released I know just how expensive buying points can get. I mean who wants to throw down $20 dollars of there hard earned cash on a new gun. Well I can’t even lie to you since I’ve personally done it, but I have a way better option that wasn’t available until recently. That option is to enter into a free COD Mobile sweepstakes. Upon entering which you can do here, you will have the opportunity to not only win free points but also gift cards.

How Does It Work?

Here at Fliptroniks we’ve recently partnered up with a company called YouSweeps. They’ve been running sweepstakes online for over 10 years. Not only will they allow you to get free COD Mobile points in 2020, but you can also opt in for free gift cards as well. Since it costs you absolutely nothing to try its 100 percent worth a minute of your time.

The Process

Upon clicking here you will be brought up to a quick email submit form. After you have filled it out you will need to wait 1 day to get the results. That’s literally all you need to do!

Odds Of Winning?

Well the odds of you getting something from entering are very high. They typically give out free points to COD Mobile players and gift cards frequently. All you need to do is enter.

Final Thoughts

Look I know just how expensive these freaking COD Mobile points are. I’ve probably dropped over $80 dollars easy which is why I wished this method had existed sooner. Since its also free to enter it’s definitely worth a shot. You can get started by clicking here.


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