How To Hide Apps On Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus

If your looking for how to hide apps on galaxy s8 / galaxy s8 plus we have a really useful trick to do this. There could be any number of reasons your looking to hide an app whether it be a dating app, or just something you would prefer people not to see since everyone can be so judgmental. While this article is geared towards the galaxy s8 this trick will work with any other android phone as well. Also be sure to be using a great protection case for your phone as well. You can subscribe to us on youtube for more helpful tech tips and tricks. So for how to hide apps on galaxy s8 / galaxy s8 plus your going to want to

1. Head over to the play store and search for apex launcher. You will need to use this launcher in order to get this method working. If you have never used it before do not worry since it is a lot better then what your currently using

2. You will then need to set apex as your default launcher before we move onto the next step

3.Once you have apex installed for your going to want to go into the settings of theĀ app (simply click on the app icon on your home screen)

4. You will then see an option called drawer settings simply click on it

5. For how to hide apps on galaxy s8 / galaxy s8 plus you will then need to tap the hidden apps option which will be all the way at the top. You can then start highlighting any apps you would like to have hidden on your phone. You can then go back to your home screen to see that they will no longer appear

This is a very easy way to hide any app on your phone without anyone knowing about it. If you have never had the chance to use apex its also a great way to switch out the launcher your currently using for something a lot cooler. There are all sorts of cool setting this launcher has, and this is just one of the useful features you can use on it. We would also appreciate you checking out our youtube channel and subscribing for more useful tech tips and tricks. If you were looking for how to hide apps on galaxy s8 / galaxy s8 plus this little trick should have definitely helped you out.

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