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How To Improve At Heads Up Poker Online

If your looking for ways to improve at heads up poker online you’ve landed in the right place. Whether were talking about a cash game or sit n go the same principles apply.  This is also one of the most exciting forms of poker since its mono e mono. It’s not just about getting the right cards, but it has a lot more to do with adjustments. Let me explain.

Beginning Stages

Whenever you first just into a heads up game the biggest mistake you can make is bluffing right out the gate. It would be the worst strategy to deploy which is why playing ABC basic poker makes the most sense. For at least the first 10-15 hands you will want to play extremely tight. The idea is to give yourself an idea about the type of player your playing against. Is he a weak limper, ultra aggressive, over aggressive, etc. In heads-up no limit, every single time you fold your opponent wins the pot. This is why you must be willing to play a much wider range of hands than you would in any other game type. After you’ve played a few hands consider using this hand chart.

  • Play Tight for First 10-15 Hands
  • Use Chart Above for Starting Hands


Making the right player adjustments is the only way to improve at heads up poker online. Once you’ve figured out the type of player your dealing with its time to spice things up! If he’s playing ultra aggressive limp into as many hands as possible and wait to pounce. If hes playing weak and constantly limping in be the aggressor. Once you have a solid read on your opponent you can begin chipping away at him.

  • If Opponent Is Weak Be Aggressive
  • If Opponent Is Aggressive Be Patient

Later Stages

I said earlier it doesn’t matter if your playing a sit n go or cash game. That was sort of a half truth since you will need to be more aggressive in later stages of a sit n go. Its because blinds will go up and you will need to eventually get it all in to win. In a cash game you can wait a bit longer before trying to make any big moves. The clock is also against you however since blinds can eat away at you in either format.

  • Be Aggressive In Later Stages
  • Don’t Over Bluff

Is Playing Heads Up Profitable?

Improving at heads up online poker can be an extremely rewarding experience. Once you’ve learned how to make adjustments to the person your playing against things become a lot easier. While you can never expect to win all the time you’ll eventually learn that even when you lose your still winning. If you believe in yourself and your poker abilities that’s all that really matters. Remember this is a long term thing so even if we lose today we get back at it tomorrow.

  • Highly Profitable Once You Get Good At It
  • Think Long Term

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for some ways to improve at heads up poker online we hope you take these strategies to heart. This is easily one of my most favorite forms of poker aside from 6 person cash games. If your currently looking for a great place to play right now Bovada would be one of our top recommendations.


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