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How To Invest 10k In Cryptocurrency – Do This!

by edward

Alright so were going to be going over how to invest 10k in cryptocurrency. Now I’ve been in this space for the last 7 years and given a lot of thought as to how I would spread this money out. This was also the amount of money I initially started with, and things worked out pretty good for me.

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First Step

Okay I would buy 4 different coins at $2500 a piece. This would at least give you a little diversification, and if one of these really took off and 10 or 20xed the whole thing would be worth it.

Coin 1: Ethereum

The first coin im recommending is Ethereum. Now buying Ethereum isn’t exactly going to be super exciting but you’re not trying to gamble this 10k away and Ethereum has a lot of staying power. For example it’s been ranked number 2 for a very long time and so many other altcoins run off it. Don’t be worried about the price your buying in in at since were taking a long term approach to each one of these cryptos.

Coin 2: Polkadot

The next coin is going to be Polkadot. now Dot is basically an alternative to Ethereum since it’s also a software based crypto. Both cryptos share a lot of the same characteristics however Dot still has a lot of room to grow. Its price and market cap are much smaller than Ethereum meaning the potential for both the project and price to increase also looks extremely attractive.

Coin 3: Enjin

Our third choice is Enjin. At first glance Enjin might look like a bit of a gamble but trust me that couldn’t be further from the truth. Enjin is the number 1 gaming crypto and is a leader in the NFT space. The project has been around since 2012 and only gained popularity and positioned itself to be amongst one of the best altcoins in the coming years. It has a lower market cap than the first two picks, but this is a coin that could get you a 10 or 20x return. Remember not financial advice, but I recommend checking this one out.

Coin 4: XRP

Okay the last pick is going to go to XRP. Now love it or hate it this coin has built partnerships year over and has proven to have staying power. It’s been a bit of a rocky road for Ripple the company who started XRP, but those days look long over. This coin has lots of potential not just to go up in price but also change the world. If it was me, I’d add this one to my basket of cryptos asap.

Where To Buy Crypto? – Binance US

If your looking for a place to get started investing in crypto Binance US is our top pick. Binance is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. They have some of the lowest fees for traders, and offer a huge selection of cryptocurrencies. You can learn more about them here.

Final Thoughts

If you have 10k to invest in cryptocurrency than I hope this helps you out. Sometimes just getting started is the first step to financial independence. It’s also worth noting that nothing in crypto is guaranteed and crashes can and do happen. However, I do expect these altcoins to do well in the coming years.

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