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How To Invest $2000 In Crypto – Thinking Long Term Is How To Win

by edward

Cryptocurrency investments have become rampant around the world, and more coins are rising day by day. However, rather than the hyped stories about investing, there are some fundamentals that are required, especially for low-budget investors. Read on to get enlightened on how you can invest $2000 in crypto. On a side note remember none of this is financial advice and you should always do your own research.

Why Get Involved in Cryptocurrency?

It’s no secret that the world is swiftly switching to cryptocurrency. It is a transformative technology stretching wide to cover numerous industries such as banking, shipping, healthcare, and investments. The future of digital currencies is bright as it has already recorded remarkable growth, yet it has been active for just a decade. Investing even as little as 2k can breed higher returns based on insights that cryptocurrency has projected.

How To Invest $2000 In Crypto

So how do you exactly invest $2000 in crypto? Well, investing in cryptocurrency is currently deemed as one of the fastest ways to make bucks. There are two options that investors can use to invest their funds in crypto. They include:

  1. Swing Trade

This is a form of cryptocurrency strategy where investors target to make a mint by dwelling on short to medium timeframe profits. ‘Swings’ can occur within days, weeks, or months. The best markets to catch swings, especially for beginners and low-budget traders, are trending platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This is because these markets are highly active, have large capitalism, and their volatility offers numerous swings. Traders are required to engage short-term technical analysis to scrutinize the trends that occur in these markets.

There are some tools such as brokers, crypto bots, and signals that may help when executing swing trading. They aid in analyzing the market trend and provide strategies that can enhance buying and selling assets.

  1. Long Term Holding

Also known as position trading, this is a strategy where traders dwell on long-term analysis and trends. They brush aside the short-term price movements and may be patient for months or years. Long-term investors should be conversant with market trends and historical patterns to be successful.

Additionally, they should be able to design appropriate entry and exit points to avoid incurring huge loss margins. It also requires markets that are less volatile and have apparent market trends. Long-term holding requires traders to analyze technical indicators such as moving average over 50 days. Support and resistance are also imperative indicators as they project the future price of an asset. Hence, traders can decide whether to open or close the trade depending on the indicator level. The risk probability is lower as compared to swing and daily trading. Long term traders can invest in coins such as:


ENJ coin is a digital token that helps investors, businesses, and brands to utilize non-fungible tokens. It is affiliated with the Ethereum network and has numerous features such as:

  • Creating and managing virtual goods- This is its main feature which enables developers to initiate their own cryptos.
  • Marketplace- It has over 10 million digital items where people can buy and sell discrete blockchain assets.
  • Enjin Beam- It is a digital distribution forum where you can send NFTs and FTs.
  • Smart Wallet- It is among the top digital wallets around the globe, with over one million wallets.


It is a multichain network that has two main components, the Relay chain, and Parachain. Polkadot targets to form a global network that operates a blockchain where users can initiate and operate their blockchains.

The relay chain is the central pillar as it monitors security and consensus across the entire network. This blockchain also has validators that enhance proof of stake so as, to sum up a consensus. On the other hand, Parachains are affiliated with Relay chains and are designated to serve a single purpose. Every Parachain has distinct governance rules that are structured so that the Relay chain will understand.

Bitcoin Cash

It emerged in 2017 and was created with the aim of escalating the size of blocks. Thus, it permits more transactions to happen in a single block. It is an open network that allows peer-to-peer interactions without intrusion.

The reason for this invention was due to the unreliability and the expensive state of Bitcoin. To curb this menace, the developers decided to create Bitcoin cash which promises low fees, simple and a stable payment system. This network currently supports up to 32 MB blocks, and further research is ongoing to unleash more potential.


Ethereum was launched in 2015 and is among the most prominent digital currencies. The currency thrives on a decentralized computer network that tracks and maintains integrity in every transaction.

An individual unit is called an ether and can be used to send and receive payments for goods and services. The currency can also be used in smart contracts when conditions have been adhered to.

It is also appliable in digital apps, enabling users to play games and invest, among other digital app functions. Users can also access non-fungible tokens that may be useful in selling items directly. The currency has also enabled people to avoid centralized system control.

Where To Buy Crypto?

Binance US is an avenue where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. You can trade over 60 cryptocurrencies with low-cost trading fees. New traders can create an account within minutes, purchase crypto and manage their portfolios.

The platform has an advanced interface that is equipped with order books, charts, and trade history. This provided real-time data, which is imperative for successful trades. It is also compatible with multiple devices, which creates room for more users.

Benefits of Using Binance US

With the exponential rise in digital coins, numerous purchase and sell avenues arise daily. Nonetheless, dwelling on renowned platforms such as Binance US can ensure that you experience top-notch crypto services.

They have incorporated state-of-the-art technologies which are dedicated to protecting your digital assets. Additionally, the platform has extremely low fees that ensure you reap high returns during buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The platform regularly updates news and market trends that can hone your trading skills. It also has a customer support team that ensures you have a happy trading experience.

Binance US $50 Free

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for ways to invest $2000 in crypto we hope this helps you out. Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, tremendous growth and improvements have been observed. Investors, businesses, and numerous industries are quickly adopting the crypto venture. Its progressive technological developments also prove that it will soon overtake numerous spheres in the economic sector.

Before investing, you should familiarize yourself with the fundamentals required in triumphing when trading. Analyzing the market trends and factors that affect the volatility of the coin price is fundamental. Moreover, using a prominent trading platform such as Binance US will ensure a joyful experience when buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.


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