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How To Invest $5000 Into Bitcoin In 2022 – What I Would Do

If your looking for how to invest $5000 dollars into Bitcoin in 2021 you’ve landed in the right place. Crypto is hot right now. No one can deny that and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. If this is your first dabble into crypto investing I’m going to tell you what I would do. Please understand this is not financial advice just my own personal opinion. So let’s get right into it.

Getting Started

Well this might shock you but I would not buy Bitcoin. Yes that’s right. I would rather look for some good alternative altcoins that will give me much bigger returns. While nothing is guaranteed in crypto I would rather buy some alternative such as Ethereum that could give me a much bigger return in a shorter time frame. I am not saying their is anything wrong with owning some Bitcoin. I’d rather find some coins that could give me a 10-20x return. So what coins would those be? Well lets take a look.

1. Bitcoin Cash

Out of all the major cryptos Bitcoin Cash could be one of the most undervalued. It has a price of around $500 dollars when it was trading for $4000 a coin a few years ago. This is back when Bitcoin was valued at roughly $20,000 and not the $60,000 it currently sits at. I personally purchased $50k worth of this coin with my own money because that’s how undervalued I feel it is. Time will tell if I’m right but I do believe in this one.

2. Ethereum

Since were on the topic of how to invest $5000 into Bitcoin in 2021 lets look at our next alternative. Yes its Ethereum. With a price of around $1800 it might look expensive. However this coin has a lot more room to go up with some estimating it could hit $10k per coin by the end of this year. That might seem optimistic to some, but I think we could see Ether hit $5k a coin this year. So yes I would also add this one to the list.

3. Graph

The last coin I would get would be Graph aka GRT. This is a new comer that sits at around $1.50 per coin. It is being referred to as the google of crypto coins. This is because it indexes different blockchains. Since it has a unique value proposition, and their is a need for it I would add it to my portfolio. It has a lot of upside from its current price point as well.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency? 

The eToro platform is an excellent website for buying cryptocurrencies. You can start at a low minimum, as low as fifty dollars, and you can try using up to fifteen cryptocurrencies. It is accessible in 41 states in the United States of America and is used in 140 countries. This platform allows you to create your own unique portfolio. If you are new to trading cryptocurrency, eToro™ also provides the ability to use the CopyTrader software. Which lets you look at what other traders are doing and incorporate the same options into your own portfolio. eToro™ has a mobile friendly site that is very user friendly. If you use it in the US your funds are insured through the FDIC in amounts up to 250 thousand dollars. Additionally, when you maintain a portfolio of cryptocurrency on eToro™ you are purchasing the action assets.  You can get started on eToro by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for how to invest $5000 into Bitcoin in 2021 I hope this helps you out. It might not have been what you would have expected but I personally would look into each one of these. Remember its not financial advice as you should always do you own research. Also don’t forget to look into eToro since its a personal favorite of mine for buying cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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