How To Make $1000 a Week In 2019 – On Your Phone

If your looking to make $1000 a week in 2019 on your phone you’ve come to the right place. Having already done this myself I can pretty much assure you its possible. Clearly results will vary for each person so I can’t promise you will make this amount. I can however guide you through each one of these 6 methods that have helped me achieve this goal. We will also have a video directly below showing how each one of them works.

1. If you want to make $1000 a week in 2019 on your phone Bovada can make or break you. This is currently the number one betting app in the US. They have over 1.5 million in weekly poker tournament prizes, and a huge list of sport betting options. With some of the best mobile software for all things betting its pretty freaking awesome. If you have a knack for poker or betting on sports you absolutely have to check them out.

2. Affiliate marketing is another legitimate way to earn money on your phone. In the above video we show exactly how an Amazon affiliate account earned around $3000 in the last 30 days. Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote someones product via a link and make a small commission. This can be done on a blog, youtube channel, Facebook page, or on Instagram. If this is something you might want to pursue you should checkout Wealthy Affiliate. This is a training site with both free and paid content that can get you earning in no time.

3. Affilorama is another affiliate marketing training app with over 20 free video courses. They have been around for over 10 years, and can teach you the ropes for how this type of marketing works. Its another nice resource for those of you who might want to get into this space.

4. Learning how to make $1000 a week in 2019 on your phone can also be done through stock trading on Robinhood. This is my personal favorite stock trading app that I’ve used now for over 3 years. Its a zero commission trading app that will allow you to start with as little as $5. Making nice profits in stock trading can be done by both short term and long term investing. My personal preference is swing trading. If you want to get started on Robinhood click here.

5. The next couple of apps we will be covering are automatic investing apps. They likely won’t help you make $1000 a week in 2019 on your phone, but can help you squeeze out a few extra percent. Acorns is an app that takes spare change and invests it for you into low risk mutual funds. It can help you make up to 5 percent extra annually on any money you decide to throw into it. You can also use this app as a savings account as well.

6. Our last best app to make some extra money is Wealthsimple. This is another automatic investing app that can help you earn passively. You can expect to make an extra 3-5 percent on your money when your using this app. If you enjoyed some of our ways to make $1000 a week in 2019 on your phone you can check more methods out here.

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