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How To Make $35 Dollars a Day – On Your Phone

by Fliptroniks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If your looking for ways to make $35 dollars a day on your phone were here too help. Having done this myself I will show you some great resources on how you can get started. You will however need to be open minded, and while I can’t guarantee results I personally make over 10k a month with each one of these combined. So lets get into it.

1. It doesn’t get much better than Ignition Poker. This is a real money poker app that has over 1.5 million in weekly tournament prizes. The software for playing on your phone is some of the best, and optimizes perfectly to whatever device your using. While this method might not be for everyone I highly recommend it if you have a knack for poker. I have been able to do extremely well for myself playing games in my spare time.

  • Real Money Poker App
  • Amazing Software
  • 1.5 Million In Weekly Prizes

2. Our next method to make $35 dollars a day on your phone is with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when your promoting other peoples products for a small commission. This can be done via a Youtube Channel, Blog, Facebook Page, or Instagram. The great news is that once you get good at this you can make money passively since its some what set and forget. The best resource for getting started would be Wealthy Affiliate. They have lots of great training on there site, and a huge community that can help you learn the ropes. I highly recommend them.

  • Great Affiliate Training
  • Awesome Community
  • Lots of Content

3. If you think you might want to give affiliate marketing a try John Crestani can also help. This guy has made millions online, and has proven methods that can really help you. The only downside is that his training course is a bit expensive at $200. It is however worth it in the long run if you plan on making money this way.

  • Has Made Millions Online
  • Great Affiliate Training
  • Proven Methods

4. Another way to make $35 dollars a day on your phone is with Robinhood. This is a free stock trading app I have been using now for the last 4 plus years. Stock trading is a skill that can help you not only make money but build wealth. You will need to save up at least $1000 to get started with this method. After that you should learn all you can about swing trading which has helped me earn thousands of extra dollars every year.

  • Free Stock Trading App
  • Great for Making Money
  • Great Skill To Learn Long Term

5. While our last method won’t help you make the full $35 dollars a day on your phone its still worth using. Inbox Dollars is my favorite cash to points app. You can make anywhere from $50-$200 a month using it. Its free to download and lets you play games, or even watch videos to earn. If you have any kind of social following you can also make money promoting it. If you enjoyed this list you can check out some other great money making apps here.

  • Free To Use
  • Easy $50-$150 a Month
  • Play Games / Watch Videos


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