How To Make Android Look Like IOS 10

If your looking for how to make android look like ios 10 you have come to the right place. Learning how to do this is a pretty cool little trick that will throw people off, and get them thinking your using an iphone when your really not. For example if your using an ios lock screen on an android phone it actually looks pretty cool, but also makes for a nice little party trick. We are going to show you how to do that, and a little bit more with this method that we think you will enjoy. You will have to actually download an app from the play store in order to do this, but the good news is that it runs smoothly and free for download. Before we get into how to do this you should also subscribe to our youtube channel here.

So for how to make android look like ios 10 your going to need to download the ilauncher 10 app from the play store. This app currently has a perfect 4 star rating, and is free to download which is the good news. You can also do some pretty cool things for making folders, and will automatically have all of your android app icons look like ios. It will even look like ios when you try to hold down on an app before you click the x. If any of you android users out there don’t know what I’m talking about we can just call if the ios app jiggle. Another thing that I noticed was that this launcher runs really really smooth. There was no lag what so ever when it was running, and I have tried other launchers that run ios that always had glitches. This is another reason we highly recommend giving this app a download if your looking to turn things up to ios 10 on android.

So for how to make android look like ios 10 you will just have to download the above app and use it as your main launcher. There are also some pretty cool stock photos for ios wallpaper within this app as well. If you don’t like what it has to offer you can always download some ios style wallpaper from google images. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel here for more ios tips and tricks. If you were looking for how to make android look like ios 10 this quick trick should have definitely helped you out.