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How To Make Money On Coinbase 2021 – On Your Phone

by Fliptroniks

If your looking for ways to make money on Coinbase in 2021 were here too help. First off this has become one of my favorite platforms for trading crypto. I have personally been actively trading on Coinbase now for the last 4 years. In that time I have seen lots of nifty updates, and have been able to generate an entirely new income stream with little effort. As we go over some of the different ways to earn using Coinbase you can get started right away here.

Why Coinbase?

Putting your hard-earned money into any trading platform can be risky. Fortunately, Coinbase is highly reputable with over 30 million plus members worldwide. As of right now they have transacted over 150 billion dollars’ worth of digital assets. That is a ton of money! You will also be insured up to 250k on any money you put into your account. This is somewhat like how bank accounts do business. Basically, this is a safe place to keep your money.

  • 8 Years In Business
  • Over 30 Million Members
  • Extremely Reputable

Coins Available

As of right not you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Steller Lumens, Dash, and a few others. As time has gone on they have continued to add more coins to the platform. They have also publicly stated in the near future more will be available. Personally I am looking forward to them adding the chinese crypto coin NEO.

  • Bitcoin
  • XRP
  • And Many More

Coinbase Free $10 In Crypto

Mobile Software

While you can trade on Coinbase with your desktop the real fun is trading on there mobile app. This is in my opinion one of the biggest advantages to having an account. At any time of the day you can login on your phone to place trades. You will be able to pull up price histories, volume, news, and even set price alerts. Placing buy orders is instant as well as selling. You could literally be at your job making money trading crypto on your phone. Now that’s awesome!

  • User Friendly Mobile App
  • Easy To Make Trades On Go
  • Make Money While At Work

Actually Making Money

Okay so now lets talk about how to actually make money on Coinbase in 2021. When it comes to trading you have 3 different style types. You can day trade where you buy a digital asset and sell it same day, swing trade where you buy your asset and hold it for a week or longer, and then of course long term invest to hold for over a year. My personal favorite which has helped me earn the most money is swing trading. Its a lot less stressful as you buy and hold based on your given time frame. Once you get a feel for each trading style you can go with whichever one your most comfortable.

  • Swing Trading
  • Day Trading
  • Long Term Investing

Final Thoughts

Look if you want to make money on Coinbase in 2021 on your phone just get started. The longer you wait to start investing in crypto the more your going to be kicking yourself later. Plus you could be making money right at this very moment and not sitting on the side lines spectating. While this is a relatively new asset class its clear crypto is here to stay. Do yourself a favor and sign up here.


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