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How To Make Money With M1 Finance App

by Fliptroniks

The best way to make money with M1 Finance app is to simply get started. Having used this app for the last 2 years I have enjoyed logging in throughout the day to see my investments grow. Literally nothing feels better than watching those hard earned dollars multiply. M1 Finance is robo-advisor that lets you actively choose your own investments. Basically you get to choose your own investing destiny on here with lots of other advantages we will get into. Lets start off by talking about how the app actually works.

How M1 Finance App Works

Since its inception in 2015 they coined the term “pies” for the apps investment style. These are individual portfolios that are comprised of a mix of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual stocks. You can create as many “pies” as you want, and give them there own grouping. For example maybe you want to create a technology pie with Facebook, Snapchat, and Microsoft. I’m sure you get the idea here, and once put into action they re-balance your pie equally. Its pretty freaking cool.

Investment App Technology

The way to really make money with M1 Finance app is to let it do all the work. Once you create your first “pie” M1 Finance manages everything for you. You will get periodic re-balancing and dividend reinvesting. The only work you need to do is choose your investments and fund your account.

M1 Finance Pro’s

I would say some of the biggest pro’s to using this app is its simplicity. You can choose from over 60 pre created investment templates, or simply create your own pie. You can create as many “pies” as you want compromised of all stocks if you choose so. There is a minimum of $100 to make your first investment, but it costs nothing to get your account setup. You can also modify or change your investments at anytime which is pretty cool.

M1 Finance Cons

The biggest cons to using M1 Finance is that its not an actual trading platform. You cannot purchase individual stocks unless its in there pie format. Since this is also a do it yourself investment app where you select the companies you wish to own you will need a little bit of investing experience.

So how does one make money with M1 Finance app? You really just need to get the ball rolling. This app has a unique style on investing which is exactly why I enjoy using it. Its great for both a beginner as well an experienced investor. You can learn even more about how the app works here.

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