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How To Play Ace King Suited – For Max Value

by edward

Ace king suited is a good hand in the game of poker that can help you avoid losing your pile of funds. It is also commonly referred to as big slick. If your ace king strategy is done right, it can help the player increase your technicality and earnings and if done otherwise, the loss will be contained. The ace king strategies can also help players outsmart their opponents if properly executed, therefore in this article we would address certain issues poker players might have such as how to play the ace king in early position, in middle position and in late positions, post flop and many more. Know that at the end of this reading you will know how to apply the ace king in your game and also improve your skill and knowledge. Let’s get started.

How To Play It In Early Position

Playing in the early position is quite difficult compared to the middle or post flop, this is because many players are behind you and are observing your moves and ranges. Because of this, there is a high probability that someone behind you is holding a big hand. The one advantage playing in early position has is that it gives your opponent a suggestive perception that your hand is strong.

How To Play Ace King Suited

Considering all these, here are a few strategies to use in early position:

1.) Choose a close starting range between 5 – 12%.

2.) Raise your value hands by 4x and you can increase your chances of making more profit.

3.) Ensure you use the strong range advantage throughout the hand.

4.) Know your strength and weaknesses and more importantly document your process as this would help you know which aspect of your game to improve on.

How To Play It In Middle Position

Playing the ace king in the middle position is like looking left and right before crossing the road. To put it in context, it is observing your opponents play before yours and expecting your opponent play after yours. To take advantage of the middle position is to play looser, to continually play a solid game. It can also be said that playing in a middle position is staying aggressive.

Another strategy to use is ensuring you take advantage of an open raise to play a strong hand. Losing the opportunity of open raise will almost always comes back as a mistake and can reduce the amount of your potential winnings. To avoid this mistake, go hard on raises.

How To Play Ace King Suited

How To Play It In Late Position

Like the middle position, you get to observe your opponent play and choose the best counter tactics. One way to do this is if a player is facing an opponent who does not hesitate to raise the stacks with a worse hand, a smart move is to play against the odds and go all in maximizing the loads of instant calls you might get with TT-QQ.

Playing It Post Flop

In Hold’em and Omaha, the first round of which players place bets, the first community cards which are dealt, is called flop. The bets that follow those first sets of cards are called post-flops. Now, regardless of the poker you play, your pre-flop strategy will forever be golden. Although the pre-flop stage is one with the least potential of winnings, it sets the path the entire game would follow. As a result, mistakes made in the pre-flop would reflect in the post-flop stage.

A smart move in playing the post-flop depending on the type of poker which is being played is to keep playing around 20-25%. This is the range most poker professionals play in. A common mistake made by players is playing too many hands.

How To Play Ace King Suited

Knowing When To Apply Pressure Or Fold

Some players view folding as a sign of weakness, but ideally, this is the ability that differentiates a poor player from a professional. Fold when you are beaten or unsure of the next move. This strategy is not as simple as it sounds because when playing the game, all players are keen on winning and would take a high level of professionalism to know when to lay a good hand.

Every poker professional knows when and how to apply pressure on the opponent once they detect a weakness. One way to check for weakness is if the opponent defers their bets on the flop and when the fourth card to bet on is displayed (turn). This is a perfect opportunity to apply pressure on the opponent. At any point in a game you apply pressure or fold will note down the details surrounding this move. This would help the players improve on their skills and knowledge of the game.

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How To Play Ace King Suited

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Final Thoughts

If you were looking for how to play ace king suited we hope this helped you out. Poker is a game of winnings and losing, learn to embrace both seasons. But more importantly, document your progress. Next time you are dealt ace king suited remember the tips above so you can get max value each time you see this beautiful looking poker hand.


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