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How To Pre Order a Samsung Galaxy Phone , Z Flip / Fold & Smartwatch – With Benefits

by edward

So, anytime a new Samsung event launches they put their newest devices up for pre order. The benefit to pre ordering is that your guaranteeing you can get the newest phone, tablet, or smartwatch first without any delay. Also, Samsung usually has some cool deals for trading in old phones to help save you some money which I’m going to touch on.

Current Samsung Deals

How To Pre Order

Step 1

But basically to pre order the newest Samsung device you just go to there home page, and for this example were going to go to the mobile section and click on the galaxy s23 pre order.

Step 2

Next you would choose your provider or select the unlocked option. Personally I always go with the unlocked option to be safe. Next you would choose the gig option and the color. Underneath they will have a color ship date to let you know what’s going to be available quickest. Fortunately in this example there all going out the same day, so currently there are no delays.

Step 3

And the next part is a big deal and it’s the trade in option. The reason it’s a big deal is because you will save yourself a lot of money by trading in your old device. And this is how it works. So, you can trade in a smartphone, tablet, or even a watch. Samsung also allows you to trade in multiple devices during your order, depending on what you want to purchase. Usually for the very newest devices you can only do one trade in at a time.

How Trade In Works

You are required to select the device’s condition, either good or cracked. If you’re still using the phone you want to trade, Samsung will send you your new purchase before you need to send your old one. Once you receive your new device, you have fifteen days to send Samsung your old product for trade-in. If for whatever reason you don’t send it after getting the new one, or it was not as described, Samsung can remotely disable your new product.

Samsung takes a wide variety of devices from many manufacturers. In terms of smartphones, it takes phones from Apple, Google, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, and more. Samsung takes phones that are generations old, all the way to current smartphones. To be eligible to trade in your phone and get the credit, your device must fulfill specific requirements depending on its condition.

Damaged Devices

  • It needs to be able to be turned on
  • The charging port needs to be fully functional
  • The device can’t be locked or contain your data
  • Camera needs to work

Good Condition Devices

  • It must fulfill all the above requirements.

It’s also essential to note that if your current device is on an installment plan through a carrier, you will still have to make payments to your carrier until it has been paid off. If your device passes those requirements, Samsung should have no issue with it. Lastly, after you go through this process Samsung will ship you out a box usually within a week to send your used phone back to them. And it’s a prepaid process which costs you nothing. Then you just sit back and wait for your credit which can take another week or two.

Benefits To Pre Ordering

  • You are able to get one before they sell out
  • No wait times
  • Special deals available upon first release

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