How To Save Battery On Google Pixel 3

If your looking for how to save battery on Google Pixel 3 we have 5 top tips. No matter what phone your using the fact is over time batteries wear out and drain faster. This phone has a built in 2900 mah battery that can hold its own, but as you have probably found out battery drain still happens. With these tips you can start to improve battery life immediately.

1. Our first tip involves turning off all notifications on apps you have installed. To do this simply go into your settings tap notifications and uncheck every single notification. The reason this will help big time is because your phone will no longer be refreshing itself constantly in the background checking for app updates.

2. Another way to save battery on Google Pixel 3 is to completely turn off Facebook. It has been reported that this one app alone can waste up to 17 percent of daily battery. You should also consider deleting it for awhile to see how much of an impact it makes.

3. One of the smartest things you can do is invest in a power bank. With battery issues being a problem for all phones in the foreseeable future buying one of these makes a lot of sense. Our top pick would be this Anker PowerCore 6700. It will work with all phones and even comes with an 18 month warranty.

4. You should also consider turning the displays brightness down. You can go into your phones settings to see what percent its currently running the display brightness at. Simply turn it down and it can definitely help you improve battery life.

5. Our last tip for how to save battery on Google Pixel 3 is to turn on battery saving mode. Simply go into your settings – tap battery – then click turn on battery saving mode at 15 percent. This can help you squeeze out that little bit extra when you need it most.

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