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How To Use Mobile Gaming Controllers

by Fliptroniks

Mobile gaming controllers are amazing for games like Fortnite and PUBG. They will however work with just about any mobile game making them very versatile. Since I’ve started using them I’ve wondered why I hadn’t made the switch over sooner. The days of having to tap your fingers on a phone will soon be behind us. As we get into how they work exactly you can check out the latest pricing on our top pick here.

How They Connect With Your Phone

For our example we will be going over the Beboncool. I’ve found this to be one of the best especially for shooting games. The way these controllers work are via blue-tooth connection. You will need to download an app that will connect with the controller. Once connected most of the work is done.

  • Download App
  • Connect Via Blue-Tooth

Controller Settings

Most controllers have built in mapping that optimizes with games perfectly. Whether you want to play a racing game, shooting game, or sports game controls are always spot on. You can of course change them in each controllers settings.

  • Pre Set Controls
  • No Need To Change Anything

Battery Life

Our example the Beboncool comes with a solid battery life of around 12 hours. I’ve found this to be pretty standard across a variety of different mobile gaming controllers. You can basically go quite awhile before needing to re charge one.

  • Most Controllers Get 12 Hours Battery Life
  • Can Get You Through a Full Day

One Size Fits All

As long as you go with an extended outwards design you will have no issues with one of these fitting the phone you currently have. You simply extend it outwards and place your phone into it. You can see some of our live game play on the Beboncool below.

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