How To Win a Free Iphone 11

Look who wants to spend $700 plus dollars on a new Iphone. I can tell you for a fact nobody does! The good news is there are plenty of ways to win a free one online. Even if your skeptical there are hundreds of sweepstakes that run daily for a chance at winning one. I would also like to point out that even if you don’t end up winning you will still be eligible to receive free gift cards. So lets talk about how this process works.

Step 1

With a recent partnership with YOUSWEEPS you simply click here and fill out a quick 3 page submit. There is no purchase form as you only need to enter your email.

Step 2

After the form has been filled out you will have to wait 5 days to receive any update on if you have won. All picks are chosen through a computer generated drawing.

Step 3

If you end winning you will be able to claim your prize via email verification code.

Is It Worth Trying?

Look as I said earlier no one wants to spend $700 plus on a new Iphone. Any opportunity to win a free one should not be taken lightly. On the flip side even if you don’t end up winning you can still get free gift cards. You can get started with the YOUSWEEPS here.


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