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Htc One M8 Adding and Deleting Widgets – Fliptroniks.com


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To add a widget on your htc one m8 hold down somewhere on the screen or slide to a blank screen and hold down. Once you hold down an option will pop up that says add apps and widgets. Once you click that a list of panels at the top will appear and underneath a list of widgets will also appear. You can scroll to look at the list of widgets and to add one simply hold down on one of them and drag them to the top into one of the panels. Now lets say you don;t like the widget you added on your htc one m8. To delete one of them simply hold down on the widget you added, and drag it to the top right where it says delete. Out of all the stock widgets on your htc one m8 I think the clock and weather widget are the most useful, but you can always download more widgets from the playstore.

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