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Htc One M8: Editing Photos – Fliptroniks.com


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The htc one m8 has some really cool features on it for editing photos. So pull up any photo you want to edit and click on it then click the edit option. The first option is up focus which lets you focus anywhere on the picture. The next one is for grounder which basically changes the background which isn’t that great but the zoom blur option is pretty cool. Theirs also a holiday season option that lets you create an interactive background on your picture. Dimension plus 3d is a very cool feature that allows you to do a 3d rotation on your image by moving your phone. Next is filters which will change the background colors on your picture similar to instagram. Then there’s frames which is kind of pointless. And last but not least is tools where you can crop, rotate, and flip your photos on your htc one m8.

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