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IBIS Dual Wireless Charger Review

The IBIS Dual Wireless Charger is honestly one of the best concepts I’ve seen in awhile. This accessory allows you to charge two phones at the same time. I chose to use two different iphones with it to see how it performed. I have to tell you that I was definitely impressed. We will have some live video directly below you can check out as we get into the benefits to using this charger.

When it comes to design the IBIS Dual Wireless Charger looks sleek and fashionable. It has a smooth matte like material for placing your phone onto, and comes in both black / white. You will also notice that it has four different ports for plugging cords in. Each one will connect differently and help keep you organized without cluttering a bunch of cords together. Since its pretty stylish we recommend placing it on your office desk or living room end table.

You can also expect some fast charging when you place your phone onto it. After charging two different phones simultaneously I found the speed at which they got juiced up impressive. It also has a cool blue led light up feature on its front that lets you know your phone is in a charge.

With some closing comments on our IBIS Dual Wireless Charger review we definitely think its a big win. The charger itself has a nice design and is well built. It will charge two phones quickly, and is very easy to put together straight out of the box. If I had to choose a color I would have to say white is my personal preference for this accessory. It currently sells for around $40 and definitely worth checking out. You can also see some of our other favorite wireless chargers here.

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