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Ignition Poker Australia Review 2023

by edward

Out of all the Australian poker sites in 2023 Ignition ranks amongst the best. However, with so many online poker sites, how do you determine which one is best?

Ignition Poker Bonus’s

Finding the right poker site can take lots of research. The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you. If you live in Australia it doesn’t get much better than Ignition Poker in terms of software and player traffic. Let’s go a bit deeper on the topic.

Ignition Poker – Who Are They

Ignition is more than just a poker site; it’s a full suite of digital gambling offerings with a magnitude of capabilities to provide the best digital experience for recreational and professional players alike. It is the pinnacle of gaming sites for US real money players and brings a fun and exciting atmosphere right to your home.

While Ignition Poker operates in the US (and now Australia), their gaming sites under Pai Wang Luo are grouped, allowing for the largest network of users on the platform. This means that while it’s a US site, you are still engaging with players (anonymously) from around the world.

Detailed History of Ignition Poker

Ignition Casino started Ignition Poker in 2016 to provide a best-in-class online poker experience for real US money players. Ignition Poker started as Bovada Poker (the US-only poker site of Bodog Group) but was later purchased by Pai Wang Luo, a Hong Kong-based company, after a decision by Bodog to sell its US book.

Five years later, Ignition has grown to the most trafficked US online poker site on the internet, with aspirations to continue its growth, product offering, and overall dominance. Since then, they have been able to widen their player base by entering the Australian market.

Ignition Poker Australia Review

Can You Play In Australia?

Yes! After starting with only an American player base, in July of 2017, Ignition enabled the ability for players to join the excitement from Australia through a separate Australian-domicile version of the website.

Games Offered

Ignition Poker has a complete offering of various poker games (live, video, etc.) to cater to all needs. If poker is not your thing, Ignition offers video and progressive slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, specialty games, and more.

If you are a frequent tournament visitor, you are in the right place. Using real money, the site offers daily, and weekly games with their big game of $17,000+ are on Sundays at 4 p.m. ET. Like with Zone Poker, you can play in up to 20 tournaments at the same time. Typically once per season, they offer a large bounty game ($100,000+).

Poker Software Used

Ignition Poker uses its client software that operates on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, you can play using traditional methods such as playing through a web browser.

The software has tons of unique features to enhance the playing experience. The quick seat feature offers the ability to pick your game of choice then the system automatically assigns you to an open table. You can also change the color of tables, card decks, use auto mucking, and play up to 4 tables at a time.

Do you want to maintain your privacy while you play? Ignition allows you to play in an anonymous format, enabling players to preserve their privacy and is designed to keep from knowing who the strong or vulnerable players on the system are. Ignition also mentions the level of player on the site varies from your novice recreational player to your advanced “ready for the World Series of Poker” type player.

Are you someone who doesn’t like to sit around while everyone else finishes the hand? Zone Poker allows you to jump to another hand as soon as you fold, allowing you to accelerate the play rate and avoid sitting around waiting for others.

“Rabbit Cam” is a unique Ignition feature that can offer the ability to see what the next community card would have been in the deck.

Playing On Mobile

Ignition Poker built their digital experience factoring in their mobile user. Ignition offers the same experience for both web and mobile players, which puts players on a level playing field.

Ignition highlighted their mobile capabilities by saying, “We take our mobile poker feature seriously at Ignition – this is easily the best mobile gaming experience you’ll find anywhere in America today.”

Ignition Poker Australia Review

Bonuses On Ignition

Ignition claims to offer “the best online poker bonuses” in the business. After making your first deposit, you are eligible for up to $1,500 tiered to increasingly pay out more money as you play more games. Know a degenerate friend that wants to get in on the action? Well, you can earn some money at the same time. Ignition offers a $100 referral bonus for each person.

There is an extra incentive for Royal Flushes ($200 per, subject to additional terms) and a “Bad Beat Bonus” which offers you a bonus of up to $1k if you lose a big hand in Texas Holdem. To deposit money you can do so with Bitcoin, Zelle, or a traditional bank card. When you deposit the money, it will show you how much bonus you are eligible for based on how much is being deposited.

Cashout Options

Cashing out is always a headache. In the casino, you’re subject to long lines and grumpy tellers. Online you’re traditionally subject to the will of your financial institution and their long delays in paying you your money.

Ignition offers similar cashout options as their deposit options in offering Bitcoin, wire transferred to your bank account, or sending a mailed check. You get one free non-crypto currency (non-Bitcoin) withdrawal per 90 calendar days; otherwise, it’s a $100 fee per withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

I personally like Ignition Poker for more than just the gaming site that it is, but that it also provides an educational component to teach you how to become a more strategic player. The content on the site is worth exploring to see if some of the proposed strategies may be useful in making some money. Even advanced players may pick up a thing or two from the information they have available.

Features within Ignition are second to none. The anonymous capability and undifferentiated experience between their mobile and desktop users is a considerable fairness value add. Having the ability to put on your “virtual poker face” is crucial, so players don’t memorize your username once becoming a dominant player. The wide range of players on this platform is also encouraging to first-timers, that coupled with the educational component, makes Ignition an excellent place for beginners to start on their poker journey. Click here to get started.


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