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Ignition Poker For Iphone / Ipad

If your looking to play ignition poker for iphone / ipad your in the right place. First of all if you have not yet created an account you can do so here. To give you a little background on ignition they are affiliated with the Bodog brand which is one of the biggest online gambling networks in the world. They use the exact same software for there poker which is very slick. You can choose between different themes for table colors, auto much features, and auto placement of seating positions. These are just some of the cool features on the software side, but you can also check out some of our actual iphone game play below.

Whats awesome about ignition poker for iphone / ipad is that you can play for real money. That’s right guys you can literally be sitting on your couch winning a big $200 dollar hand, or losing your next $200 dollar hand all with in a few seconds. Sounds pretty crazy right but as the saying goes you need to know when to hold em and when to fold em. Most of the traffic on this site is from the US since there is really no where else good to play. The traffic on this site is also very high however so you won’t have any issues trying to find a game to play at just about any time of the day.

Ignition poker for iphone / ipad is great for all types of games. You can play a quick cash game, sit n go, or even a big multi table tournament if you have the time. Its also pretty amazing how smooth this software runs as you can see in the video we have show cased above. When your playing on your iphone however you will be limited to playing 1 table at a time, but if your on a pc or laptop you can play up to 4 at once. For all of you poker junkies out there 1 table might not be much, but it runs so smooth its pretty ridiculous. This is the app everyone has been waiting for on there iphones. If you end up winning on here you will be able to cash out as well. You can expect 24 hours processing time as well as 1 week to receive a check. You can check out ignition by clicking here. We would also appreciate if you subscribed to us on youtube as well. If you were looking to check out ignition poker for iphone / ipad this should have definitely helped you out. Go hit the tables!

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