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Into The Dead 2 App Review

Into The Dead 2 might very well be the best zombie game released all year. This game has some of the best visuals and zombie killing I have ever seen. The release of this game is almost 2 years after the original release of Into The Dead. I have to say even though the first game in the series had some really good reviews I wasn’t that impressed. Fast forward to this game and I can’t deny the fact that I am super impressed. On a side note you can also check out some of the live game play we have on it below.

First of all the amazing visuals on this game will be the first thing you notice. This game is classified as a runner style action game, but I would definitely put it more towards a zombie action game. It has a great story line to it that feels like the critically acclaimed show the walking dead. I personally noticed some similarities between that tv series and this game if you have ever had the chance to watch it. If not no big deal because this game is still freaking amazing.

The guns and action in Into The Dead 2 is simply where its at. You can unlock all sorts of assault rifles, shotguns, and sub machine guns throughout the game. You will also be able to upgrade to make zombie killing even easier as well. In total there is 7 action packed chapters you can play through. Each time you finish a chapter this game really gets harder and hard. This is all part of the fun though.

Into The Dead 2 is quite honestly one of the best zombie games to come out this year. You will need to both kill and dodge zombie hordes as they come, and be careful not to run out of ammo while doing so. Into The Dead 2 is currently free on both the app and play store and a must download for hardcore zombie fans everywhere!

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