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IOS 14 Beta 3 – What’s New?

IOS 14 Beta 3 is out and some new tweaks have been added. Apple is continuing to refine IOS 14, and while some things aren’t all that noticeable some definitely are. For example a clock widget has been added, and the stack widget has been given a bigger size. You will also notice Apple Music has changed colors to pink. You can see a list of each change on this update below.

Part 1

  • Music icon went from a white background to a red with a white music note
  • Music widget also has a new colorful background
  • Clock app now has a widget which was missing in the first two betas
  • New popup when launching the widget editor for the first time
  • New popup when editing Home screen
  • New popup when accessing App Library for the first time
  • In the Music app, the Library view has new app icons
  • Users can now share Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists to Snapchat Stories from the Music app
  • While editing the Home screen in jiggle mode, widgets jiggle now as well

Part 2

  • New option to be reminded to wash your hands when you arrive home in the Health app
  • This updates now supports on-device translation rather than relying on remote servers
  • Weather widgets in iPadOS was removed
  • More details on the new mask face covering for Memoji
  • Redesigned Screen Time widgets
  • You can now access an app icon’s contextual menus when in the App Library list view
  • Display Zoom now on 5.8-inch iPhones
  • 3D Touch is (temporarily) removed
  • New doorbell and camera icon in the Home app
  • Smart Stack widget now has new larger size
  • Health app shows number of hand washes and not just time
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and SE 2020 gain support for “back tap”

The third developer beta of iOS 14 Beta 3 came out around 3 weeks after the last update. I’m definitely glad to see the clock widget, and look forward to see what else Apple has up there sleeves for IOS 14.


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