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IOS 14 Beta 7 – What’s New?

IOS 14 Beta 7 has a few new tweaks worth pointing out. Since this is the seventh release we are getting closer to the endgame for the final product of IOS 14. Apple has updated Application libraries and added new wallpapers in the new beta. You can watch the video directly below to see these updates in action.

App Library

The first update is the refined App Library. More specifically, auto-organizing app categories have been updated with more folders like Productivity and Travel, Finance, and Shopping & Food. These new categories should make it a lot easier to find apps in the App Library. Having App Library on IOS makes it a lot less cluttered since apps are organized for you. It also makes finding apps a lot easier!

Six New Wallpapers

The next IOS 14 Beta 7 update is the newly added wallpapers. What’s interesting about these wallpapers is that they change when you switch from light mode to dark mode. For example you will notice in the settings how the wallpaper stills have two toned colors. This was an interesting add on but also very cool.

Well that wraps it up for the IOS 14 Beta 7 updates. Like we said not a whole lot to report here, but still a couple of noteworthy changes.


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