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Iphone 12 vs Iphone 11 – Which To Buy?

by edward

The Iphone 12 feels like a much more refined Iphone 11. The similarities between both phones are obvious. For example the back camera’s are identical, and the display sizes are almost exactly the same. So why would you pay $800 for the Iphone 12 when you could just get the Iphone 11 for $600. Lets take a closer look.

Display Comparison

The Iphone 12 comes with a 6.1 super retina oled display compared to the 6.1 inch lcd display on the Iphone 11. The quality for watching video or playing games is much better on the Iphone 12. You can watch the above video for reference. You will also notice both phones have the annoying notch to deal with on top of the screen. Supposedly the Iphone 12 has less of a notch but the difference is hardly noticable. In my opinion they should have just got rid of the notch altogether.

Design & Camera

Both the Iphone 12 and 11 have the all glass design with aluminum frame. The only difference is the Iphone 12 is actually significantly slimmer and lighter than the Iphone 11. It was one of the first things I noticed when I held both phones in my hands side by side. The Iphone 12 camera is slightly improved over last years Iphone 11. Both phones have 12mp back cameras with zoom capabilities. They can also both record in 4k at 60fps.


When it comes to speed the Iphone 12 is noticably faster than the Iphone 11. It has the Apple A14 chip inside of it making it the fastest Iphone to date. From loading up games to browsing different websites I could see an almost 2 second difference in most cases. Once again this is something you could see in our above video for refference.

Color Options & Price

The Iphone 12 currently comes in five different colors being black, white, blue, red, and green. It also has a starting price of $800 and up. The Iphone 11 has six different colors being black, white, red, green, purple, and yello. It has a starting price of $600 and up.

Final Thoughts

It is my opinion that if your willing to dish out $600 for the Iphone 11 you might as well pay an extra $200 for the Iphone 12. Like I said in the beginning of this article the Iphone 12 feels like a much more refined Iphone 11. It has a much better looking display, a lighter and thinner design, an improved camera, and is significantly faster. If you do decide to get it I highly reccomend going with either blue or red. You can check out the latest pricing on it by clicking here.

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