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Iphone 13 Mini Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by edward

The trend of owning mini phones isn’t over yet, thanks to the new generation of the iPhone series. The iPhone 13 Mini. It’s only mini in size; trust me, in every other aspect, it overshadows its predecessors and many other smartphones that are bigger. The most notable features that have been improved include the enhanced camera, increased battery life, and the crisp, aesthetic display the 13 Mini is equipped it.

I know you can’t wait to find out what’s in store for the iPhone 13 Mini so let’s get right into it and see how the little guy can step up to its prominent ancestors!

The Basics 

The Mini Dude was released on 24th September into the market and has caused quite an uproar to the point that people have unofficially named it ‘The best small phone ever made. The basic model comes with a 128GB built-in storage and costs $699, which is quite attractive given the high-tech specifications and components that it brings to the table. 256GB variant costs $799, and the top-tier option with 512GB is priced at $999. Apple has gone generous on its fans by charging the same even though they doubled the base storage of the device.

Reasons to Use the Mini Fella 

Think of this mini variant as the redemption for the next generation as Apple has pleased the fans with this one. A robust camera, better battery, fast processor, and fantastic display are all golden features at a very reasonable price.


The design hasn’t changed much, and the 13 Mini looks quite like its predecessors. There are two noticeable changes, however. The phone size has been decreased by 20%! That’s a lot of size reduction, making it a perfect fit for a single hand use instead of not reaching the top corner of the phone with your thumb. This one truly feels ergonomic.

It seems we are maintaining our old tradition of curved, squared-off edges with the iPhone 13 Mini, and the size is easily pocketable, perfect for one-hand use. The display screen is IP68-certified, which means your mini phone is quite tough and can withstand the pressure 6 meters underwater for up approximately 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, I am seriously let down by one thing. The absence of mask-friendly face ID feature that we desperately need in our lives ever since face masks have become a part of our daily routine. I am hoping that Apple fixes this soon with an update to this mistake.


The 5.4-inch OLED display is relatively entirely unchanged on the 13 Mini. Still, there’s a massive increase in the screen brightness in this variant that makes the color pop and allows the user to experience the actual depth of the shadows in the picture or video. This phone can genuinely bring out the saturated colors of the pictures, videos, movies, and games accessed through this device.

The iPhone 13 Mini stands up well against other significant variants like S21 and its predecessor, iPhone 12 Mini in-display comparison, and in many cases, the 13 Mini takes the cake. The best feature of this phone’s display allows you to view it outdoors with complete accuracy. 788 nits of max brightness ensure that you can perfectly view the pictures you take even under direct sunlight.

Color Options 

As usual, we love it when the phone we love comes in the color we love. Seems like, with the Mini 13, we have five options from which we can choose. Blue, Midnight, Pink, Red, and Starlight. We can always do with more colors, but these options are all we have. However, you can extend the color options of your Mini 13 by using the MagSafe cases available in the market.


The feature that you all wanted to read and probably skipped the whole article to do it. Don’t worry, because iPhone 13 Mini got several upgrades for its camera. Thanks to the high-tech sensor installed with a 12MP camera, the phone can allow more light exposure and take better pictures in bad lighting conditions. The Ultrawide 12MP camera also goes a sensor that includes the autofocus functions so that you can take ultrawide shots with more precision and sharpness.

The image stabilization feature introduced in the previous generation has been carried forward, which assists in taking more stable pictures and capturing stable videos.

13 Mini comes on top when pitched against the popular, solid, and high-priced variants in the market, such as the S21. The results show that the iPhone 13 Mini captures more in-depth saturation in broad daylight, creating a more crisp and precise result. However, when the photos were taken in poor lighting conditions, the night mode of the 13 Mini was quite a letdown as the pictures were too dark to reveal much of the taken picture.


The crowned king of video recording continues its unbeaten legacy with the iPhone 13 Mini thanks to the new feature, Cinematic mode. Thanks to the upgraded Neural Engine in the A15 Bionic, this video shooting mode surpasses any other top-tier phone in the market.

Being able to shift your focus seamlessly when you change the subject of the short video is quite an impressive feature. And all this is being done on 1080p 30 fps.


With its A15 Bionic system equipped with a quad-core GPU, the little guy beats even the most advanced Android phones that hold the title for the best gaming smartphones. The latest and fastest Android processor, Snapdragon 888, had a hard time keeping up with the A14 Bionic, and now it’s gotten further behind thanks to the new version of this chip.

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With everything that the Iphone 13 Mini is packing and delivering a top-tier technical experience to the users, it’s pretty fair to say that such a device deserves to be priced at $699 for the basic variant. I mean, at this price level, your device is outperforming phones that cost more than $1000!

Final Thoughts

The Iphone 13 Mini is carried on the legacy that its predecessor left behind marvelously. This device is undoubtedly the best small phone out there that the fans can purchase, outperforming any android device in the market. The display is crisp, the design is elegant, the camera produces excellent results, and the price is the cherry on top. You honestly couldn’t ask for a better phone for people who love these pocketable versions of smartphones.


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