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Iphone 14 Yellow Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by edward

Apple finally released its special edition color for the prestigious iPhone 14 and 14 Plus line, and it’s none other than yellow.

Iphone 14 – Purchasing Guide

Apple has officially called the color to be Canary Yellow. The original lineup came with more muted colors; midnight, starlight, purple, blue, and Product Red so it is definitely still within the same category. Ideally made for people looking for a brighter pop of color in their iPhones that is not too much in the face. Apple previously launched iPhone 5C, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 in the same yellow shade family. However, those were more cartoonish or eggy as compared to the subtle and sophisticated shade they launched with the 14 and 14 plus. But what is so special about this newest addition to the iPhone Family?

Reasons To Use iPhone 14

If you were someone who wasn’t impressed with the same old classic color of the original 14 and 14 plus line up this might just be different enough for you to snatch it up! Even though there aren’t any such changes in terms of functionality from the original launch, this canary yellow sure seems to brighten up your mood when you look at it. Let’s remind you guys why you should be investing in the 14 and 14 plus lines.


The iPhone 14 and 14 plus models come with a unique design. They have a flat glass back with very subtle and eye-please rounded corners. The borders are flat aluminum made. Overall these specs make this lineup, air dust and water-resistant (up to 6 meters). The glass back makes it easy to clean up any particles or residue on the phone. In any case, Apple also launched their classic silicone cases matching the canary yellow and in other colors; Iris, Sky, and Olive.


Apple introduced a new screen called the ceramic shield with its iPhone 14 original release. It makes the glass a little softer. I would recommend putting on screen protection immediately in these models. Even though it makes the glass stronger against shatters, it is more prone to scratches. The screen features a super retina XDR display consisting of OLED technology that has 1200 nits of HDR brightness.  This iPhone also supports Dolby Vision.

Sound Quality

Apple introduced a new power-on Indicator. A similar chime-like noise exists in the current Mac. The idea was to make it easier for people with seeing disabilities to know the phone is turned on. Apart from that the sound quality remains the same as its predecessors and has no particular changes.

Is Yellow Awesome?

With the Spring season just around the corner, Apple very smartly launched their latest colors edition to the 14 and 14 plus. The color is a really beautiful, springy mellow yellow. Even though it is not different from any of the earlier iPhone 14 launches, these mid-year editions surely seem to keep people interested.

Apple surely knows its audience and it launched a unique color. Different enough to gauge people to buy it. With the Y2K and pastels so in trend, this seems to fit in perfectly. The only downside is that Apple didn’t launch it in their pro models of the iPhone 14 line. The 14 pro models are significantly different from the previous 13 pro models, so the upgrade made sense.

Launching them in yellow would have been a definite boost in sales for the expensive models. Based on Apple’s previous sales history I think iPhone users gravitate more toward cool and muted colors. So I don’t think there will be a rush order to snatch this one off the market. But again, You do you! If you think this is the one iPhone you had been waiting for Apple to release, Go ahead!

Tech Specs

Iphone 14 plus comes with the longest battery life of any iPhone Apple has launched to date. If you held back on buying it because the colors were not your vibe, you should probably check out the new canary yellow. The iPhone 14 camera comes with new autofocus for its selfie cam.

This has a unique TruDepth feature that lets the camera focus on multiple objects at different distances. The bigger aperture lets you catch good pictures in low light. Moreover, it comes with a high-quality dual camera matching that of pro models previously. The model features a sensor and an ultrawide camera. This new camera gives super stabilization to the images.

For videos, cinematic mood supports 4k with 30 and 60 fps which gives a depth of field effect. This is a new feature within the cinematic model. This automatically transforms the video quality to the cinema level. Furthermore, in the edit mode, it allows you to adjust the depth and the focus of the video. You can now say Bye to blurry videos with the new iPhone 14.

New Features

The most groundbreaking feature of the new iPhone 14 line is the updated Safety measures. You can now use the SOS feature without Wifi or Cellular connection. This is possible due to satellites. You can even share your location with family and loved ones using Find My iPhone. This feature is available in no connectivity mode as well now.

The service is free for the first 2 years of the activation of the phone. The iPhone 14 lineup also introduced crash detection. This is a feature that will automatically detect any severe car crashes and call emergency numbers. This feature is embedded with multiple different motion detection scenarios. The result is a product of over a million hours of driving. It detects readings from features like barometers, GPS, and microphones to come to a result.

The 14 lineup introduced the 6.7 inches tall iPhone Plus, which replaced their previous iPhone minis from the 12 lineup. Iphone 13 came with the standard 6.1 inches screen size only. The new iPhone 14 also allows you to remove backgrounds from multiple pictures at one time. Now you can easily take pictures in a crowded street and still get something to post on your socials. Without having to use blur! Both the iPhone 13 and 14 share many features in terms of the A-15 bionic chip, display, design, etc with little similarities in the advanced selfie camera, Emergency SOS features, enhanced battery life, and slightly better video and camera quality.


The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus in Canary yellow are available to pre-order on March 10 with full availability on March 14th. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus come in Canary Yellow with storage of 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. The prices start from $799 for iPhone 14 and $899 for iPhone 14 Plus.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the tradition of the past 3 years Apple released a mid-season color edition. The basic idea behind these launches is to keep the customers engaged in Apple products. The launch timing is always strategic with enough time gone by to make a new color upgrade worth it. However, it is consumer preference. These launches never come up with any upgrades apart from the color change.

Some people might get swayed by the pretty and unique iPhone colors like the previously launched lilac, alpine green, and now the canary yellow. Others might still want to wait the extra 6 months till September to check the new iPhone 15 lineup. As there were not that many changes between the 13 and 14 lineups. Apple is expected to have some major updates or unique colors to justify the upgrade from the last year’s launch. So this purchase is a total choice. If you are someone partial to carrying this bright and gorgeous Yellow color for a phone then this is your time to flaunt the iPhone 14 or 14 plus in this latest edition.

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