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Iphone 6: Battery Life Tips – Fliptroniks.com


So you’ve got your new iphone 6 and you’ve noticed the battery life being better then the previous iphone, but your still getting drained pretty quickly. Don’t worry because we will be giving you our top 5 iphone 6 battery life tips. First what you want to do is go into the settings and click on display and brightness. You want to make sure you iphone 6 is on auto brightness which makes your phone stay at the same brightness no matter the darkness of the room your in. Next go into general in the settings and click background app refresh. This is a huge battery killer so make sure to turn this option off. Your apps won’t update and refresh for awhile but it will help save alot of battery life. Third simply turn off your wifi if your not using it, and fourth turn off blue tooth. Last one would be to click on privacy in the settings and turn off location services. Hopefully these iphone 6 battery life tips will help you get some extra juice on your iphone.

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