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Iphone 6: Email Problems – Fliptroniks.com


Having problems with your email on your iphone 6 can be quite frustrating. A common problem people have is not being able to send outgoing email ,but are receiving incoming emails. If this applies to you first go into the email account you have on your iphone 6. Then click on smtp and make sure this option is turned on. This should solve that common problem of not being able to sent out emails. Another common problem is in the fetch new data section of your email account. In this section if the push option is not turned on thats means its set to fetch. Push should always be turned on since it will constantly check if your receiving emails instantly. You can however put your email account on a time checking schedule such as checking every 15 – 30- hourly time setting. If your having some other common problems such as not receiving any kind of emails on your iphone 6 then you will want to try resetting the network settings. Go to general and scroll down to reset and click reset network settings. If none of these options work or apply to you it will be best to try and reset your entire phone. This is a last resort so make sure you have all your data saved onto itunes or your desktop.

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