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Iphone 6 vs Iphone 5s Design Comparison – Fliptroniks.com

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The iphone 6 and iphone 5s both have similar designs. The iphone 6 is made with aluminum, stainless steel and glass. While the iphone 5s is made with glass and aluminum. One of the first design differences I noticed on the iphone 6 was the lock button is now on the side of the phone compared to the iphone 5s having it on the top. The next design difference is the thinness of both phones the iphone 6 has a 6.9mm thinness compared the iphone 5s that is 7.6mm. The iphone 6 is also more rounded on the edges compared to the iphone 5s. The backing of the phones are also different. The iphone 5s had the two tone color which most people had become used to, while the iphone 6 has the band line on the back which im not too big a fan of. The last design difference is the iphone 6 has a camera lens that sticks out which will make your iphone 6 not lay completely flat. This might become a drawback later on for the iphone 6 if people start to crack the camera lens.

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