Iphone 7 Lowest Prices

The Iphone 7 is still a solid budget phone. It was one of the last generations to have an aluminum and glass design. It also has the coveted home button which I’ve missed so much on the newer gen iphones. You can find some of the lowest prices on this phone directly below.


The Iphone 7 is a lot more drop friendly than the all glass designs of the now. It has an all aluminum backing and glass front. This phone holds up extremely well against scratches and drops. You can get this phone in 6 different colors being red, black, rose gold, gold, silver, and jet black.

Screen Size

Okay for some this will be a blessing for others not so much. The Iphone 7 has a 4.7 inch lcd display. It works just fine for playing games and watching videos. You will however have to deal with the notch on both the bottom and top. Even with the notches I still enjoy a hardcore mobile gaming sessions on this phone. What you have to understand is that this phone is so much easier to hold one handed due to its size. Its also a lot more pocket friendly than some of the larger iphones currently in the market.

Final Thoughts

Look the Iphone 7 is still a great phone. Its stood the test of time, and great for anyone on a budget. You can play high graphic games, watch video, and still use it for photography. You can grab yours here.


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